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D.W. Fearn recommends that you provide at least one rack unit (RU) of space above and below our products. This is especially important for the more complex products like the VT-7 Compressor and the VT-5 Stereo Equalizer, which have many tubes and generate considerable heat while operating.


We have designed a 1.75 inch (1RU) ventilated rack panel that is painted with the same high-gloss polyurethane paint used on all their products. The rack panel has a small D.W. Fearn logo and gold vacuum tube icon.


These panels are made of high-quality steel, and will match the color of any D.W. Fearn gear made since 2006. (The color may be slightly different for some older units when they had to temporarily use a different paint due to European Union requirements. The differences in most cases are not major.)

D.W. Fearn VRP 1RU Vented Rack Panel

  • D.W. Fearn VRP
  • 1RU Vented Rack Panel
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