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The Fredenstein F605 is a high performance professional headphone amplifier, offering an effective headphone volume control for live or studio applications in combination with a Fredenstein Bento rack. The Bento racks provide two inputs per slot so stereo modules are possible.


There are five toggle switches to provide convenient monitor modes. The top switch simply swaps Left and Right. The next two toggles select Left or Right and present them as mono to the phones. We often use these to compare two mono sources. The bottom two switches simply reverse the polarity (phase) of each of the outputs. These switches are most useful for vocalists, where there may be some phase change between the voice heard by bone conduction and the entire recording path of microphone, pre-amp, processing and possibly converters.


The Features

Balanced inputs

- Extended signal manipulation

- Low output impedance to connect headphones from 20 Ohms to 600 Ohms

- Highly useful in real world daily use

Fredenstein F605 High performance 500 Series Headphone Amplifier

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