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Powerful and refined, the ELM-A is the ultimate Pearl. The special properties of the ELM capsule in combination with separate outputs for each side of the capsule makes for a completely unique microphone, providing engineers with a whole new level of control over the recording environment.


The 7:1 length/width ratio of the capsule means that the polar pattern for each side of the capsule looks like a standard cardioid in the horizontal plane, while it vastly reduces high frequencies in the vertical plane, a property that can be extremely useful for reducing unwanted reflections from the floor and ceiling, providing the audio engineer with a valuable tool to handle poor room acoustics and challenging acoustical environments.


The distinctive feature of the ELM-A is the separate output for each side of the capsule. If the channels are recorded separately, the polar pattern can be adjusted – seamlessly – in post-production and different patterns can be tested on the same recording. This also means that the ELM-A can act as a 180-degree stereo microphone and that it can be used for several stereo configurations, such as M-S or Blumlein, when combined with an additional microphone.


Just like the Pearl 2800 rectangular capsule, the longer ELM capsule combines the best characteristics from large and small diaphragms, i.e. low noise, detailed transient reproduction and an extremely smooth off-axis response.In combination, the unique characteristics of the ELM series microphones make them outstanding for orchestral and choral recordings and, as a result, they can be found with symphonies and opera houses all over the world.


The ELM-A is finished in piano black ED lacquer with a white logo, ring and engraved model number.


The Features

  • Extremely unique 2-channel output solution for specific recording situations
  • Two separate outputs via a 5 pin XLR connector
  • Pearl's unique rectangular capsule
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio
  • Near resonance-free frequency response
  • Finished in piano black ED lacquer
  • White logo, ring and engraved model number


The Specs

  • Polar Pattern - Cardioid, Omni, Figure-of-eight
  • Sensitivity - 22mV/Pa
  • Frequency Response - 20Hz - 25kHz
  • Impedance - 100 ohms
  • Operating Voltage - 48 volts
  • Rec. Load Imp - 1k ohms
  • Current Consumption - 3.5 mA
  • Self Noise - 11 dBA
  • Max SPL - 126 dB
  • Connector -  5-pin XLR
  • Dimensions - 192 x ø32 mm/28mm
  • Weight - 305 g



  • Wooden box
  • Pearl 1930 shockmount
  • Individual frequency graph

Pearl Microphones ELM-A

  • Pearl Microphones ELM-A
  • The ELM-A releases the full power of the ELM capsule. Dual outputs allow for seamless polar pattern changes in post-production
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