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The Micstasy from RME is a full range, hi-end eight channel microphone/line preamp combined with an analog to digital converter. The unit allows for amplification and digitization of all analog signal sources, including high-level stage signals, studio signals, lower level and high-impedance instruments, or dynamic, condenser or ribbon microphones.

The analog and digital outputs can be used simultaneously. Microphone and line inputs are available on the rear panel, while instrument inputs are available for all eight channels on the front panel. Each channel can be controlled individually in respect to input levels and phase, phantom power and filter switching, or grouped in any combination, up to all eight channels.

Digital outputs include eight channels of AES/EBU and dual ADAT Lightpipe connectors. Both formats can function at high sample rates. Wordclock I/O is available on dedicated BNC connectors. To avoid degrading signal integrity, RME chose to avoid the use of limiters and provide instead automatic gain reduction with selectable threshold. Even with this feature engaged, any channel can still be adjusted manually.

The Micstacy will function equally well on the road as in the studio. Aside from a microphone preamp, the unit can function as a splitter box for stage use, distribute digital signal and also includes features like Intelligent Clock Control (ICC), SyncCheck, SteadyClock, TotalGain, AutoSet, MIDI over MADI and remote control via MADI and MIDI.


The Features

-Eight channel microphone preamp with balanced XLR microphone/line inputs and 85dB of gain range.
-Analog to digital converters per channel, with eight channel AES/EBU output (up to 192kHz) 

-Dual-eight channel ADAT Lightpipe outputs (at 48kHz) or eight channels (at 96kHz)

-Eight balanced TRS line/instrument inputs with Hi-Z option

-High-end circuitry with four relays per channel and low-noise microphone front-end

-Large frequency range (200kHz) with EMI input filtering

-Symmetrical hi-pass filter per channel-Provides near click-free gain changes

-Eight balanced XLR line outputs

-Automatic gain reduction with multiple channel linking

-Wordclock input and output

-SyncCheck tests and reports the synchronization status of the clock signals

-M/S encoding available for the digital output

-The current state of the unit can be stored in eight user preset locations

-LED level meter with thirteen LEDs per channel

-Fully remote controllable via MIDI

-Noise suppression on power-on and power-off at the analog outputs

-MIDI I/O-OptionalMADI I/O card available

RME Micstasy - 8 Channel Mic Preamp with 192kHz Analog to Digital Converter

  • RME Micstasy
  • 8 Channel Microphone Preamp
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