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In a world full of microphone boosters and boxes, there is a surprising lack of options that offer unique and colorful sounds in stereo. The Launcher Deluxe changes that. This stereo inline mic preamp and line-level saturator expands on the winning formula of the original Launcher to give engineers and artists an indispensable tool they can use anywhere.

The Launcher Deluxe enables you to add 26dB of gain and color to two separate ribbon and dynamic mic sources or bypass the boost and just get a dose of beautiful saturation on any active microphone or line-level signal. Whether you need to boost a bland mic, spice up a sterile source, add some depth to your mixes or expand your sound in the live setting, the Launcher Deluxe can help make your audio stand out.


One-of-a-Kind Vibes For Two

The Launcher Deluxe utilizes two separate signal paths for passing both mic and line-level signals through the unit. Each individual path features two custom hand-wound toroidal transformers (four in total) and the same analog circuit that gave the original Launcher its distinct color and vibe. Unlike other microphone boosters, there is nothing clean about the Launcher Deluxe. You’ll benefit from a powerful dose of stereo color, which you can control by driving your preamp as little or as much as you like.

More Modes. More Options.

Designed for flexibility, each channel of the Launcher Deluxe features two individually selectable modes, Launcher Mode and Saturate Mode, to benefit any source. Launcher Mode delivers a 26dB boost of gain and color to any dynamic or ribbon microphone. Flip the switch to Saturate Mode to bypass the additional gain and impart the classic character of The Launcher on any FET or tube condenser mic and line-level signals.

Launcher Mode

Launcher Mode is the perfect choice for elevating any dynamic or ribbon microphone. When one or both channels are switched to Launcher Mode, simply plug your mic cable into one of two Neutrik combo jacks on the front plate of the Launcher Deluxe and connect an XLR cable from the back to your mic preamp, mixer or audio interface. Once you engage phantom power, you’re now cooking with an additional 26dB of gain and color via the Launcher Deluxe. Take the strain off of your interface or preamp and enjoy the benefits of more headroom while expanding the sound of your dynamic and ribbon mics.

Saturate Mode

In Saturate Mode, your Launcher Deluxe becomes more than an inline mic preamp. This new mode offers up The Launcher’s trademark coloration to any active mics, condensers or line-level source without any gain boost. While in Saturate Mode, it’s unnecessary to run phantom power to reap the benefits of the Launcher Deluxe’s color. If you’re using a condenser microphone that needs phantom power, simply engage it on your mic pre, mixer or interface and it will pass through the Launcher Deluxe to your mic.

Mixing a flat-sounding track? Want some additional texture to your line-out synths and keys? Run the audio out of your DAW through one or both of the Launcher Deluxe’s channels and soak up that transformer-based sound. Experiment pushing it at different levels to control how much color and break up you can achieve.

Launcher Squared

When Soyuz unleashed the original Launcher in 2019, the audio world fell in love with the pint-sized ivory box. This simple tool gave easy access to the dreamy warmth and rich character of studio gear from the classic era. With more and more creators using multiple Launchers for live performances, recording sessions, stereo summing and creative experimentation beyond just microphones, Soyuz began envisioning a stereo version of the box with more flexibility. And, just like that, the Launcher Deluxe was born.

Stereo Color On-The-Go

Life as an audio creator means working in all kinds of spaces. The Launcher Deluxe is a viable option for working on the go and keeping your sound consistent no matter where you take it. The stereo inline mic preamp will easily fit into your bookbag or carrying case and find a comfortable home on stage, pedalboards, podcast desk, recording consoles and more.

Why The Launcher Deluxe?
Maximize Your Mic Locker

Dynamic and ribbon mics will benefit from the extra boost and power in Launcher Mode. Condensers and active mics will get the same dose of iron and character in Saturate Mode. The Launcher Deluxe will open up the sound of any mic with a tasteful amount of color and presence. Experimentation is encouraged. No one mic will have the same result.

Enhance Your Interface

Most interface preamps tend to sound neutral, bland or sterile and don’t always supply enough gain and headroom for every mic or source. The Launcher Deluxe opens up your sound with a more exciting character and the option for additional gain effortlessly.

Perfecting Your Live Sound

No matter the mic, venue or sound system, the Launcher Deluxe is gig-ready and will ensure your sound stands out with a splash of color and clarity. Bring vocals into clear focus or even run your mixer’s output through it for added distinction.

Soyuz Launcher Deluxe Stereo Inline Mic Preamp

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  • Soyuz Launcher Deluxe Stereo Inline Mic Preamp
  • A two-channel stereo inline mic pre from Soyuz using the same circuit as the original Launcher with two different modes of operation.
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