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Upgrade Interconnect cables are considered by many to be anything better than what comes in the box. Some people consider thicker cables with gold plated ends to be enough.


Straight Wire has pleasantly surprised many skeptical AV enthusiasts over the past three decades how much our cables can improve their listening enjoyment. 


Advanced materials, proprietary designs, meticulous engineering, special manufacturing processes and skilled American craftsmen make our cables highly sought after, regarded and respected in the AV industry on a worldwide basis.


Musicable II is a favorite for unleashing the potential of digital surround sound receivers, DVD and CD players, music servers, MP3 players, DVRs, subwoofers and other components. Its advanced polypropylene insulation in a balanced Star Quad design brings out the depth and subtleties from your favorite recordings. Dual shields are great at rejecting noise for long


Straight Wire Musicable II RCA 1.0 Meter - Pair B-Stock

Out of Stock
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