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The Tascam VS-R264 Stand-Alone Full HD Video Encoder/Decoder, streams and records up to 1920 x 1080 over IP. It simultaneously records video, encodes, streams, and decodes multiple streams using the H.264 codec. It supports encoding at up to 30 Mb/s using H.264 and can record to either SD cards, or attached USB drives.

The TASCAM DISCOVERY app allows you to remotely manage multiple units via an easy-to-use web GUI. After setup, all settings are saved locally to the individual VS-R units, so they can operate without being controlled by a computer. The unit powers by PoE+, allowing you to place it anywhere you can run an appropriate Ethernet cable connected to a router that supports PoE+. If that is not possible, an AC power adapter is available. Mounting brackets are included, and an optional AK-RS1 shelf allows you rackmount two units side-by-side.

New Firmware V1.1

Simultaneously stream to up to 3 online video platforms that use the RTMP or RTMPS protocol, which include YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Wowza, Vimeo, Boxcast, DaCast and many others 

RTMP can also be used to stream to online education platforms such as Planet eStream and Panopto

With multiple RTMP streams available, the VS-R can now send one stream to the main server URL and send a second stream to a different URL for a backup server

Increases total number of simultaneous streams to 8: 3 x RTMP/RTMPS, 1 x RTSP, 1 x HLS, 2 x RTP/UDP Unicast and 1 x RTP/UDP Multicast

- Record directly to SD Cards or USB Storage Media at the same time and can automatically upload recorded files via FTP

Simultaneously receive an RTP/UDP Unicast/Multicast, an RTMP/RTMPS or an HLS stream and send the decoded AV output to an HDMI connected screen with audio via the balanced and unbalanced outputs connected to an audio system

Existing VS-R264 and VS-R265 owners can update their units to V1.1 using the 'Check for Update' utility in the Streaming Dashboard web GUI, or they can download the firmware from the TASCAM web site and update the unit using an SD Card or USB Storage Media

Encoding for Streaming Services

The VS-R264 live stream encoder is an external stand-alone YouTube encoder that also provides Full HD streaming to popular Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) including Wowza, Ustream, AWS Elemental MediaLive, and CloudFront among others.
The balanced analog Euroblock/Phoenix low-voltage wire connectors and unbalanced analog 3.5mm mini-stereo jacks provide audio I/O connections for a variety of commercial AV over IP environments, including corporate, education, house of worship, government, industrial, and security.
Audio can be embedded from analog sources and de-embedded to drive networked audio playback, likewise digital audio within the HDMI I/O can be used. An integrated output level configuration function and reference level switching function (up to +20 dBu) allows reliable and flexible system structuring when streaming video.
The VS-R264 live streaming encoder is compatible with popular standard streaming protocols, including HLS, RTMP, RTP/RTSP. Additionally it allows both Multicast and Unicast. The RESTful API is supported for integration into control systems in commercial AV installations.

The VS-R264 can record directly to USB connected media or SD cards via a front-panel loading slot.
Recorded files can be automatically uploaded to an FTP server for creating back-up copies, editing, or re-purposing to the web.

The Mac/Windows compatible "TASCAM DISCOVERY" app allows multiple VS-R units connected to the network to be managed from a simple Web-browser based GUI. All configuration settings are saved within the VS-R devices, so that in normal operation no computer is needed for streaming or recording.

- PoE+ functionality eliminates the need for AC adapters in AV installations. An optional TASCAM AC power supply (sold separately) is available where external AC power is required.

Tascam VS-R264 Stand-Alone Full HD Video Encoder/Decoder for Live Streaming

  • TascamVSR-264 Stand-Alone Full HD Video Encoder/Decoder for Live Streaming (HDMI)
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