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The Yamaha CL series digital mixing consoles offer an evolved experience in accessible mixing, plus sonic purity with sound shaping capabilities that will give the most imaginative engineer unprecedented creative freedom. The CL series embodies the leading standards in live sound in their most advanced, most expressive form.Yamaha's CL3 is an ideal blend of compact size and channel capacity for a variety of live and installed applications.

A Creative Console for Expressive Engineering - Through thorough analysis, review, and refinement of every detail of the circuitry and technology used, Yamaha CL series consoles deliver naturally superior sound plus a comprehensive range of "coloring" options that give those who use them extraordinary creative freedom. The signal processors provided are plentiful and of the highest quality, including extraordinary Portico 5033/5043 EQ and compressor devices that bring Yamaha VCM technology together with the historic talents of Rupert Neve. The platform is pure and natural, so the engineer can create and deliver the ideal sound.

Efficient, Enjoyable Operation - Yamaha’s acclaimed Centralogic concept is the core of a refined user interface that offers an unprecedented level of operating efficiency in the CL series, from visual feedback right down to the form and feel of the faders and controls. The CL consoles are also ready for seamlessly integrated remote control and offline editing via an Apple iPad® or other computer. Control is familiar and intuitive, while at the same time offering extensive freedom.

Scalable, Versatile Network Capabilities - CL series consoles feature separate console and I/O rack components that communicate via the Dante™ network audio protocol, allowing fast, efficient design and deployment of capable systems from the most basic to the dazzlingly complex. The ability to add Lake® processing via expansion slots also adds to the system’s versatility and adaptability to the widest range of mixing needs.

Creating the Ideal Natural Sound Platform - The full impact of the most advanced digital audio technology available has been applied throughout the CL series to deliver natural sound that provides a perfect foundation for the artist's and engineer's imagination. This type of sonic quality cannot be realized through specifications alone.

Prodigious Quality & Creative Potential - In creating the best possible sound for venues and artist requirements, sound engineers draw on their experience and imagination to make a multitude of practical and creative decisions. The engineer's mixing console must be able to accommodate them all. The bottom line is sound quality, and this is just one of the areas in which the CL series consoles excel. They also feature some of the most advanced analog circuitry modeling technology available to add character and shape to the sound as needed, while maintaining the utmost sonic quality.

Dante for Fast, Flexible Networking - The complexity and variety of today’s live sound systems makes fast, adaptable configuration and setup capability vital. The highest level of sonic performance must be maintained at the same time. CL series consoles use the Dante network protocol developed by Audinate to allow flexible connection to multiple I/O rack units configured and located according to the needs of the application, while at the same time providing redundancy for superior reliability.

Up to Eight I/O Rack Units - Dante directly supports star network configurations, so up to eight I/O rack units can be connected to any single CL series console and conveniently located wherever they are needed most. A few simple DIP switch settings are all that is required to change to daisy-chain networking as required.

Redundancy for Reliability - Dante miaximizes system reliability, and Star networks allow the use of redundant primary and secondary lines for each device (for the utmost reliability in critical applications). With this type of setup a malfunction in a cable or other network component won’t bring the whole system down.

The Features

  • Input channels: 64 mono, 8 stereo
  • Fader configuration: 16-fader left section, 8-fader Centralogic section, 2-fader master section
  • Support for AES67 interpoerability standard allowing communication with Ravenna, Q-LAN, Livewire and other audio networks, for significantly improved system expandability
  • Mounting and patching of the Audinate Dante-MY16-AUD2 mini-YGDAI card and d&b audiotechnik DS10 Audio Network Bridge are also supported

The Specs

  • Sampling Frequency:
  • Internal: 44.1kHz/48kHz
  • External: 44.1kHz +4.1667%,+0.1%, –0.1%, –4.0%; ±200ppm / 48kHz +4.1667%, +0.1%, –0.1%, –4.0%; ±200 ppm
  • Signal Delay: Less than 2.5ms, OMNI IN to OMNI OUT, Fs = 48kHz
  • Fader: 100mm motorized, Resolution=1024steps,+10dB to –138dB, –8dB all faders
  • Frequency Response: +0.5, –1.5dB 20Hz - 20kHz, refer to +4dBu output @ 1kHz, OMNI IN to OMNI OUT
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (*1 ): < 0.05% 20Hz - 20kHz @ +4dBu into 600 ohms, OMNI IN to OMNI OUT, Input Gain = Min.
  • Hum & Noise (*2):
  • 128 dBu typ., Equivalent Input Noise, Input Gain =Max.
  • 88 dBu, Residual output noise, ST master off
  • Dynamic Range:
  • 112dB typ., D/A Converter,
  • 108dB typ., OMNI IN to OMNI OUT, Input Gain = Min.
  • Crosstalk @ 1kHz: –100dB (*3), adjacent OMNI IN/OMNI OUT channels, Input Gain=Min
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 839mm x 299mm (*4) x 667mm
  • Net Weight: 29kg (*4)
  • Power Requirements (wattage):
  • 170W, Internal Power Supply
  • 200W, Simultaneous use of Internal PSU and External PW800W
  • Power Requirements (US/Canada): 120V 60Hz
  • Temperature Range:
  • Operating temperature range: 0-40C
  • Storage temperature range: –20-60C
  • Optional Accessories:
  • Meter Bridge MBCL
  • Mini-YGDAI cards
  • Gooseneck Lamp LA1L
  • Power Supply PW800W
  • Power Supply Link Cable PSL36

Note: MBCL meter bridge is NOT included with purchase.

Special Order Item

Yamaha CL3 Digital Mixing Cbonsole

  • Yamaha CL3 Digital Mixing Console
  • The Yamaha CL series digital mixing consoles offer an evolved experience in accessible mixing, plus sonic purity with sound shaping capabilities that will give the most imaginative engineer unprecedented creative freedom.
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