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The Prism Sound Lyra 2 is a two channel, ultra high quality USB interface. Lyra 2 uses state-of-the-art clock generation with proprietary hybrid 2-stage DPLL, making sure you get the clearest path on the A/D converter. Lyra 2 can record up to 32-bit/192 kHz audio.


The front panel is a simple, yet powerful design, with two Hi-Z inputs for easy ¼” access, a color LED display showing you XLR, Line Level, and Digital inputs, the meter can also be switched to show output from your recording studio's DAW. A large volume knob is easily accessible, along with the new high-drive independent headphone output.


The rear panel is where all the magic happens. Equipped with an XLR input, as well as independent line inputs per channel. Additional I/O can be added through the Optical connection, allowing up to 10 channels of audio. Four line outs are available for monitoring, sends to a cue system, or external processing units. Digital inputs are also available such as S/PDIF on the RCA/phono and TOSLINK connectors. An ethernet connection with low-latency AVB capability, and the option to sync Lyra 2 to an external clock.

The Features

No-compromise, full Prism Sound audio quality

Class compliant (UAC2) USB interface

ASIO and WDM drivers for Windows (32 and 64bit)

Native CORE AUDIO on Mac OS X

UAC2 operation on Linux (no control panel support)

Ethernet interface with low-latency AVB capability

Two Prism Sound premium-quality AD channels

Two high-end integrated microphone preamps (typ. -130 dBu EIN)

Microphone inputs have switchable phantom power and 20dB pads

MS matrix on microphone inputs

Two high-impedance front panel instrument inputs

Prism Sound "Overkillers" to gracefully control transient overloads

Four Prism Sound premium-quality DA channels, plus independent stereo headphone DA

Outputs selectable between workstation bus or Lyra mixer

New high-drive headphone output with front-panel volume control

Digital I/O

S/PDIF on RCA/phono and TOSLINK connectors

S/PDIF stereo or ADAT 8 channel I/O supported on TOSLINK optical connectors

AES3 mode with I/O via RCA/XLR adaptor

Built in high-quality sample rate conversion

Prism Sound SNS noise shaping on digital outputs (4 curves)

Word-clock sync I/O

Low-latency "console-quality" digital mixer for foldback monitoring

Fader, pan, cut, solo on every mixer channel

Front-panel master volume control, assignable to selected channels

State-of-the-art clock generation with proprietary hybrid 2-stage DPLL

Fully-floating (isolated) balanced architecture for optimum noise rejection

Prism Sound Lyra 2 Reference-Grade USB Audio Interface

  • Prism Sound Lyra 2
  • Reference-Grade USB Audio Interface
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