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The DMC-842 from RME is an 8-channel AES42 interface and control device for digital microphones. AES42-2001 is an extension of the current AES digital audio standard that provides the framework for interfacing and controlling professional digital microphones (not to be confused with the consumer type of USB equipped microphones).


The DMC-842 supports both Mode 1 and Mode 2 operation. Depending on the mode implemented by the microphone's manufacturer, the unit can supply power to the microphone while also providing for the remote control of parameters. These include polar pattern, pre-attenuation, enabling a low cut filter, pre-amplification, mute and polarity, in addition to getting feedback about signal levels.

Mode 1 is a protocol that allows for supplying Digital Phantom Power (DPP), switchable per channel, but no control data can be transmitted to the microphone. Sample rate conversion is available on a per channel basis for situations where the use of multiple Mode 1 type microphones is required.


Mode 2 allows microphones to be synchronized and control data to be sent. Either mode is available per channel.-Eight-channel digital microphone interface and controller with 8 XLR AES42 inputs-Eight-channels of XLR balanced line output-Eight-channels of output via AES/EBU at up to 192kHz and ADAT Lightpipe at up to 96kHz-Supports both Mode 1 and Mode 2 functioning as specified within the AES42 standard-Mode 1 microphones require the use of sample rate converters, which are available and switchable on each channel-Microphones with Mode 2 functionality can have their settings for gain, polar pattern, hi-pass filter and compression set remotely, while simultaneously receiving back microphone status data (synchronized operation)


The Features

Digital Phantom Power can be switched on or off on individual channels

Intelligent Clock Control and SyncCheck ensure perfect synchronization and provide clear detection of errors

The DMC-842 can be fully remote controlled and configured via MIDI, and all status displays can be queried through MIDI-M/S (Mid/Side) encoding and decoding provided on each channel-Windows software (included via download) can use the MIDI port to perform remote control and status requests of any number of DMC-842s via a mouse click

LED level meter with 13 LEDs per channel-Unit is future-proof with the ability to have hardware upgrades performed via flash updates


  • RME DMC-842
  • AES42 Interface and Digital Microphone Controller
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