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The Avantone AV10 MLF is a replacement woofer for use with the original Yamaha NS10M monitors.


Though these monitors are valued by many mixing engineers and producers, they've been discontinued for a while, and the supply of aftermarket replacement components has dwindled over the years. Thus, Avantone has reverse engineered the original driver for the NS10 in a faithful manner, updating parts only to comply with modern-day RoHS requirements.


Taking up the same dimensions and weight as the original low-frequency driver, the AV10 MLF offers a bolt-in, hassle-free installation process. It also provides a nearly exact match with the original NS10 component, from 20 Hz right up to the tweeter-cutoff frequency.

Avantone AV10 MLF Yamaha NS10M Replacement Woofer

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  • Avantone AV10-MLF
  • Yamaha NS10M Replacement Woofer
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