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This pre-owned Pyle PCT40 gives you a simple and easy way to make sure your audio cables are working properly. The unit supports nearly all cable types used in the sound recording industry, providing you with an all-in-one solution to help identify cable continuity issues in your audio set-up. Supports 12 interface types that include USB Type A, TRS Jacks (which can also be used for testing TS), 3 and 5 Pin XLR, Speakon, RCA, RJ45 and more. The Tester features a simple intuitive design, whereby you plug in both ends of the cable you are testing and you turn the selector knob to the different numbered setting to check each conductor individually (tester checks up to 8 conductors). Each numbered setting features two LEDs, one checks the continuity of the conductor the other verifies the ground. Power supplied by 9V battery (not included).


The  Specs

Enables quick convenient continuity cable testing for all type of cables

LED's confirm each conductor continuity and connection

6-Way Switch for selecting connections to be tested

Includes internal battery and ground connection status check

Rugged, compact, metal construction for long life and reliability

Tests cables with all types combinations of the following connections


1/4'' TRS Jacks

3 Pin XLR Male

3 Pin XLR Female

5 pin XLR

RCA Phono

4 Pin Speakon

4 Pin S Type Jack

Banana Plugs

4 pin s Type Jack

3-Pin Din

5-Pin Din

8-Pin Din



Pyle Pro PCT-40 Cable Tester

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