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The SFP module extends compatible RME devices with an optical SFP transceiver. Up to 64 audio channels can then be sent to and received from other MADI devices.

The module is available in a Multi-Mode and in a Single-Mode variant cleary indicated on the module (as MM and SM) and packaging. Since the light transmission and required cabling differs, multi-mode modules can only be used reliably with other multimode MADI devices. The same applies to single-mode, which is less common in MADI systems.

The SFP module accepts fiber optic cables with LC (Lucent Connector). As the majority of MADI devices requires SC (Square Connectors), this module comes with an adapter cable and SC-SC coupler. This allows the use of existing MADI cables.

RME SFP Module Single Mode

  • RME SFP Module Single Mode
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