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The all in-one professional studio for musical collaborators andmedia production teams. 

SSL consoles and production tools have been at the heart of countless hit recordings and award-winning sound tracks for the past 40 years. SSL knows how to make audio sound amazing, and more importantly, they know how creative collaborators want to work together. The SSL 2+ brings together the best of our technology with the right features and expanded I/O capability to get the most out of creating as a team.

Real analogue enhancement inspired by SSL 4000 series (4K) console

SSL has a history of innovation in analogue electronics and console design. Whether it be the sound of our classic EQ '242' and '292' EQ circuits, the punch of the legendary SSL G-Series Bus Compressor or the incredible bandwidth and sonic accuracy of our ground-breaking SuperAnalogue designed mic amps and consoles, we're always moving forward with analogue.

Legacy 4K

is an all-new analogue enhancement effect, inspired by the character of an SSL 4000 series console (often referred to as '4K'). With the Legacy 4K button, we'vedistilled 2 essential characteristics of the 4K sound into a single-circuit, which you can engage when you need to breath some life into 'boring' or 'dull' sounding input sources.

1st characteristic

High-Frequency EQ boost – The first thing engaging the Legacy 4K button will dois introduce a 'forward', yet musical high-frequency EQ boost, something which 4000-series EQs are known and loved for.

2nd characteristic

Subtle-Harmonic Distortion - 4K consoles aresynonymous with imparting a certain 'mojo' to signals passing through them. This mojo comes through multiple stages of harmonic distortion from compressor VCAs, VCA Faders and other crucial areas like thetransistor mix amps. Using modern components, we've created a circuit that injects a controlled amount of finely-tuned, sweet- soundingharmonic distortion into the signal path, helping to give your sound more edge!

Professional Studio Quality, Front To BackClass-Leading Preamps

The Art - We've designed 2 class-leading, beautifully detailed mic preamps to capture every nuance of every performance, with enough gain to cope with whatever microphone you're plugging in.

The Tech - Many USB-powered audio interfaces use standard IC circuits in their mic amp designs. We prefer to use a different approach. Our 2-stage design uses a mixture of specially chosen discrete low-noise transistors in combination with ICs. This enables us to design mic preamps with exceptional noise performance and a superior gain range.


And just because you're working out of your home studio or on the road, doesn't mean you should compromise on the quality of your audio interface. With SSL 2+ we've chosen to use the same industry-grade parts as found in our larger consoles and I/O products, delivering the same kind of quality you'd expect from a large SSL-equipped studio, into your personal workspace.• Alps Pots throughout•NeutrikXLR and Jack Connectors• High-Current NJM Headphone Amp Output

The Specs 

System requirements and Specs

Mac OS 10.11 and above | Class-Compliant, Plug-and-play

Windows 8.1, Windows 10 | Install included ASIO/WDM driver


USB 2.0 Type C Connector (Box includes Type C to C and Type C to A)

Mic Preamps

-130.5 dBu EINGain Range: 62 dB


Max Instrument Input Level: +15 dBuMax Line Input Level:+24 dBu*Specs (Measured to AES17 Standards)

Monitor Outputs

Dynamic Range: 112 dB​Max Output Level: + 12.5dBu​

Headphone Output(s)

Dynamic Range: 111 dBMax Output: +10 dBu

Sample rates​

44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz

Solid State Logic 2+ - 2x4 SSL USB Interface

$299.99 Regular Price
$229.99Sale Price
  • Solid State Logic 2+ - 2x4 SSL USB Interface
  • The SSL 2+ brings together the best of our technology with the right features and expanded I/O capability to get the most out of creating as a team.
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