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A simple, clever concept and a modern, straightforward design mark the Vision W as a piece of professional furniture that inspires in its simplicity. The iconic black and white design underlines the sturdy strength that characterises the desk while not drawing attention away from the star of the show: your content. The large main desk leaves enough room for keyboard and mouse, controllers and your notes. Then there are the three racks with three units each, ready to house your 19-inch hardware gear. The slanted rack setup allows for comfortable reading and control of any devices mounted here, all right at your fingertips. Above the racks is an additional shelf for computer screens, loudspeakers or accessories as you require. Apart from the strong visual design, Vision W also shares the large cable management with its siblings from the Vision range. This not only allows your whole cabling to be conveniently stowed away yet always remain easily accessible, it also leaves you options to expand your working space by adding models from the Vision line and connecting their cable management.
  • Second level for extra rack units
  • Space above for screen(s) / speakers
  • Space for most equipment
  • Deep cable pass-through
Available Finishes
  • Black and White
  • Height – 905 mm
  • Width – 1595 mm
  • Depth – 825 mm
  • Feet length:402mm
  • Desk height: 768mm
Usable heights
  • In combination with Vision K77 mm
  • 93 mm
  • 109 mm
  • 125 mm
Package Weight
  • Packed in Box – 40 kg (box 1)
  • Packed in Box – 22 kg (box 2)
Box Size
  • 171 x 71 x 20 cm (box 1)
  • 107 x 103 x 16 cm (box 2)

This is a Special Order Item and requires an accurate shipping quote prior to the transactions completion.

Zaor Vision W - 63" Desk with 3x3 Rack Units

Out of Stock
  • Zaor Vision W - 63" Desk with 3x3 Rack Units
  • A desk. A monitor shelf. A few racks. An iconic design. The Vision W embodies an elegant simplicity of form while still providing media professionals with all the features they require to work efficiently.
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