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ABOUT The Beard

The goal is not to sell something, the goal is to help people make the best sounding records they can.

   Much more than just gear, Red Beard Pro Audio is

a full-service professional audio company specializing

in high-end recording studios. With over 20 years of professional experience and some of the industries

best technicians, Red Beard Pro Audio is armed with

a combination of in-depth expertise and creative


   From established multi-room facilities to bedroom

studios every client is offered in-depth customized

solutions to best fit their needs. Ranging from

consultations, design projects, installation, and maintenance/repair issues, Red Beard consistently

achieves superior results.

   Over the last two decades, numerous world-class

facilities have featured the signature of our

exceptional quality.

It's this value of excellence that Red Beard Pro Audio

is incredibly proud to deliver. 


   With this foundation, a new chapter begins. Each job, each project, is a unique experience with particular challenges for that specific environment. The ability to recognize and build off of both the positives and negatives helped shape the

basic framework of our mission. More important than sales, are the music lovers, musicians, gear addicts,

and studio rats.   

   Like you, my passion and overall obsession with music and recording is why I do this. Additionally, it is my belief that principal importance always be placed on humankind

and the building of relationships. Without question,

the best and most important part of the journey so far

has been the people, the pro audio community.

   The friendships forged within our communal destiny,

the timeless constant, up, down, left, right, no direction,

no destination. The steady unwavering clamor of

convention center interrogation. "Got any shirts?"

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