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The NUVO N8 was designed to be the most open and natural-sounding ribbon microphone AEA could make. Conceived to render acoustic spaces as faithfully as possible, the NUVO N8 microphone excels in capturing drum overheads, strings, classical ensembles, orchestras and rooms. As such, it is the ideal complement to the N22 microphone. But even when used up close, such as on guitar and bass amps, the AEA NUVO N8 delivers exceptional clarity and warmth while also taking EQ extremely well. Additionally, the NUVO N8’s unobtrusive size and black finish is ideal for orchestral and TV work, where microphones need to be easy to position and more or less invisible.

Featuring the same Big Ribbon technology that has earned AEA its reputation, the NUVO N8 offers an incredible sound in distant-miking applications like drum overheads, strings, brass, and rooms. With phantom-powered JFET electronics and a custom German transformer the NUVO N8 achieves optimal performance with a wide range of preamps including USB audio interfaces in home studio setups. By employing a similar design philosophy as used on the popular R88 stereo ribbon microphone, AEA's NUVO N8 achieves an astonishingly open and natural sound that lets their famed Big Ribbon truly shine. 


Far-Field Ribbon

The N8 captures a space as it sounds live and in person, with all the present subtlety and nuance. Its expansive frequency response and balanced low-end make it superbly effective when capturing the full breadth of sound from the back of a room, above a drum set, or overhead a string section.

It is designed to be positioned at an ideal distance of 12 inches or farther from the source of sound. This far-field design allows for a wide range of options when positioning the N8 to best capture an instrument within the context of a room.

From as far away as 20 feet away, the N8 retains the low-end frequencies of the sources it captures, and its open, natural tonality makes it perfect to record an entire orchestra or the full low-end of a drum kit from overhead.


Works Up Close

The proximity effect of the N8 is present when recording a source from closer than 12 inches, so this feature can be used to accentuate the low-end of a vocal or string instrument. Potential damage from loud sources is of no concern, even at such a short distance, as the N8 can handle 141+ dB SPL at 1 kHz.

If less proximity effect is desired when recording at close range, the near-field AEA N22 is an effective ribbon mic to complement the N8's far-field performance.


Active Electronics

The N8 uses the same custom transformer utilized in the AEA A440 and R84A microphones, enabling an additional 12 dB of output and a stable impedance. Though it still sounds great with any AEA ribbon-optimized preamp, it is not dependent on a high-impedance, high-gain preamp for proper use.

The extra output is a major advantage when recording quiet sources like vocals and soft acoustic guitars. The active circuitry also prevents noise, interference on long cable runs and when near operating near large lighting rigs.


Battle Tested

With increased durability and a small profile, it's no wonder that a wide range of performers use AEA's NUVO series microphones on the road. The mics are totally rugged and hold up to daily wear and tear.

From outdoor gigs at music festivals to indoor theaters, NUVO mics are the perfect companion to bring the sound of studio recordings to the live stage. With the optional NUVO windscreen, never worry about the ribbon, even at windy gigs.


The Features

Open and natural sound

Far-field ribbon mic that retains lows and highs from a distance

Same design philosophy as the AEA R88 stereo ribbon mic

Compact, lightweight, and low-profile design

Features active electronics and custom transformer optimized for all preamps

Made in the USA

AEA NUVO N8 Active Ribbon Mic

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