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The R88 mk2 stereo microphone from AEA is a true Blumlein recording system optimized for recording instruments and ensembles in stereo. It utilizes two matched Big Ribbon elements angled at 90 degrees and mounted in close proximity to each other along the vertical axis of the microphone. Using the pure aluminum low-tension ribbon elements, the R88 mk2 faithfully records complex tones without the headroom limitations of active electronics. The R88mk2 pickup is precise, yet flattering to instruments and voice.

Many ribbon mic manufacturers choose shorter ribbons that are easier to install, but AEA’s Large Ribbon Geometry design offers important advantages. You will achieve an open sound that is smooth, natural and free from any of the uncomfortable resonances that shorter ribbons and condensers can exhibit. For the recording engineer who regularly records in stereo, we believe the R88 mk2 provides sonic excellence as well as a conve- nient alternative to multiple-mic arrangements.

At the heart of the AEA R88 mk2 are two, 2.35 by 0.185 in. by 2 micron pure aluminum low-tension ribbon elements. Both pure aluminum ribbon transducers are tuned to 16.5 Hz, just like the R44. It’s integral weighted shock mount uses a standard 5/8” mic thread and includes a locking angle adapter for flexible positioning. The R88 mk2 operates with very low distortion over a huge dynamic and frequency range with an SPL capability of 165dB SPL and greater. Only black technical-fabric and stainless steel separate the rib- bons from the music. Even when used up close, the R88 mk2 delivers exceptional clarity and warmth, while also taking EQ extremely well without ever being harsh.

The result is a sound that many engineers say is astonishingly close to what their ears hear when they are actually standing in the studio. The R88 mk2 is a handcrafted US-made microphone built to last a lifetime.


The Features

Blumlein (XY) and Mid-Side stereo ribbon

New shock mount suspension for easy positioning

Matched pair of Large Ribbon Geometry figure-eight mics for Blumlein or MS stereo

20 hz to 20 kHz response

Captive 4 meter cable to two A3M connectors

Supplied with a locking angle adapter for flexible positioning

Designed to fly overhead for large venue installations

Three pounds plus the cable weight

2.5" diameter and 14" tall

Used in many Grammy Award winning projects

Great foundation for main or sectional pickup

Sturdy zippered case

100% handcrafted in Pasadena, CA.

AEA R88 MK2 Dual Ribbon Stereo Microphone

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