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The AEA RPQ3 is a two-channel microphone preamp with EQ made in the USA by the same company known for its premium ribbon mics. This rackmount unit offers balanced XLR mic inputs, a high-impedance preamp, and low-noise circuitry, so it can yield optimal results with ribbon, condenser, or dynamic microphones. In addition, the RPQ3 provides variable high-frequency and low-frequency EQ controls on each channel, allowing you to sculpt the sound of your mic during the recording stage and save time in the mixing process.

Between the 12-position mic-pre gain and the continuously variable output level, up to 85 dB of JFET gain is available for each channel. Three LEDs are provided per channel for a clear indication of levels at -20, 0, and +20 dBu. Engage the per-channel EQ buttons to boost or cut up to 20 dB of low frequencies (sweepable from 40 Hz to 675 Hz) and high frequencies (sweepable from 2.5 to 30 kHz). The RPQ3 includes an external universal switching power supply to allow operation in any country.


Sky-High Impedance Design

The sound and tonality of dynamic microphones like ribbons and moving-coils are directly affected by the impedance of a preamp. The higher the impedance, the better the sound. The RPQ3 boasts an exsesively high input impedance of 68 kilohms (phantom power off).


Preamps with an impedance of under 10 kilohms will limit the lows, highs, and transients of your passive microphones. The RPQ3’s high impedance will reveal your microphone’s true nature—providing a thick low end, open top end, and an articulate transient response that you will need to hear to believe. Both condensers and active microphones also benefit from the RPQ3’s impedance.


CurveShaper EQ

The RPQ3’s CurveShaper EQ is a powerful tool that gives you the ability to control your microphone right at the start of the signal path. The updated adjustable boost/cut low- and high-frequency controls allow you to tame proximity problems and provide high-frequency extension with slope control.


The high-frequency filter boost enables you to add presence and air to your source—perfect for sources like ribbons and two-buses that often benefit from some extra top end. The low-frequency control easily removes bass build-up in a fast and unobtrusive way.


The Features

Two channels with 85 dB of sweet and quiet JFET gain in a full-rack preamp

Optimized for ribbon, condenser, and dynamic mics

LF/HF boost and cut

EQ boost/cut, +/-20 dB (high range), +/- 10dB (low range)

EQ in/out switching (overall and individual bands)

Switchable phantom power and polarity

68-kilohm high-impedance circuitry provides better transients, frequency response, and higher output sensitivity

Switching power supply for use in any country

1 RU half-rack with optional hardware for mounting one or two units together

Made in the USA

AEA RPQ3 2-Channel Microphone Preamp with EQ

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