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Made in the USA, the  AEA TRP3 is a two channel, half-rack microphone preamp that offers balanced XLR mic inputs. With high-impedance - low-noise circuitry the TRP3 produces optimal results with ribbon, condenser, or dynamic microphones.

Between the 12-position mic-pre gain and the continuously variable output level, up to 85 dB of JFET gain is available for each channel. Three LEDs are provided per channel for a clear indication of levels at -20, 0, and +24 dBu. Tame bass buildup and proximity effect at the push of a button with the low-cut filter, which cuts 3 dB at either 115 or 230 Hz, depending on your setting. The TRP3 includes an external universal switching power supply to allow operation in any country.


The 3rd

The TRP3 features AEA's third-generation circuit design for the cleanest and most musical sonic signature yet from the TRP series. The TRP3 excels at drawing out the warm lush sound for which ribbon mics are prized.


The Features

Two channels with 85 dB of sweet and quiet JFET gain

Switchable -3 dB low-cut filter at 115 or 230 dB

Optimized for ribbon, condenser, and dynamic mics

Switchable phantom power and polarity

68-kilohm high-impedance circuitry provides better transients, frequency response, and higher output sensitivity

Switching power supply for use in any country

1 RU half-rack with optional hardware for mounting one or two units together

Made in the USA


The Controls

LED Indicators

Green, yellow, and red LEDs indicate levels at -20, 0, and +24 dBu

LF Switch

This inserts the 12 dB/octave low-cut filter at 100 Hz

P48 Switch

Out is off; In applies full-spec P48 phantom power to the input (indicated by the red LED near the switch)

Polarity Switch

- Out is normal; In is inverted

Mic Gain

This 12-position switch selects from +7 to +63 dB of preamplifier gain

Output Level

This continuously variable control provides up to +22 dB additional output gain

AEA TRP3 Half Rack 2 Channel Microphone Preamp

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