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The 8424 console’s design fits the needs of the modern hybrid studio, featuring multi-DAW automation & unparalleled connectivity to your outboard gear. The 8424 provides a centralized platform with unparalleled connectivity, facilitating an ergonomic link between the linear analog processing world of outboard gear, analog synths and instruments, to the digital world of DAW workflow, software plugins, and session recall.

Legendary Analogue Sound

Voltage Mixing

The 8424’s unique mix bus uses voltage mixing through Marinair transformers. This topology uses the best characteristics from the vintage Neve® 80-series consoles to provide a unique sonic signature unmatched by modern studio consoles.

Modern Neve Topology

The 8424 channel topology is evolved from the modern Neve Genesys and 88R console range, providing a wide bandwidth, transparent platform with perfect stereo imaging. 

1073 Recording Inputs

The center section features two independent 1073 preamplifiers with standalone I/O and smart routing, ideal overdubbing tools.

Class A DI's

Two instrument DI’s with under-armrest connection, class-A circuitry and smart routing are perfect for instrument recording from the console surface.

500 Series Slots

Two VPR alliance specification 500 series slots are mounted into the center of the console. These slots can be dynamically routed to several locations via smart routing switches and can be added as mix bus inserts, group inserts or 1073/DI recording inserts.

Mix Bus Processing

Unique to studio consoles, the 8424 features built-in master bus EQ and stereo width enhancement. These processors, coupled with stereo insert, mix bus inject feature and 500 series smart routing, provide powerful tools for mixing or mastering.


Pro Creative Tools

Dual Input Channel Strip

Independent inputs via D-Type and TRS allow you to simultaneously connect 24 DAW returns and 24 recording inputs into the console.

Digitally Controlled Trim

Stepped trim encoders provide total accuracy of incoming and outgoing analogue audio signals.

24 Direct Outputs

The 8424 is a fully customisable recording platform; each channel is available for tracking via its digitally controlled direct output.

Aux & Cue Sends

The stereo Marinair transformer balanced cue send and three mono aux sends are ideal for routing signals to outboard FX and performer cue mixes.

Balanced Inserts

Each channel has a switchable, balanced, +4dBu insert with send and return TRS connections. This design allows for a patch-bay-free connection using existing studio cabling.

Professional Solo System

Three professional solo modes – solo-in-place, after-fader-listen and pre-fader-listen. 


Large Format Features

Three Stereo Loudspeakers

Three loudspeaker outputs allow for connection to three stereo loudspeaker sets. The console monitor control pot has 85dB SPL calibration, independent dim control, and mono summing provides control over your monitoring system.

Dual Headphone System

Dual-headphone outputs, with independent mix sources give the Artist and Producer the convenience of working together at the console surface.

PPM & VU Metering

All 24 channels use 8-stage post-insert LED metering, ideal for metering all incoming signals and the large, backlit VU meters mounted in the centre of the console can be assigned to any mix output.

Four Mono Groups

The console’s four mono groups each have EQ, variable point balanced insert, routing matrix and pre/post-fade direct output – perfect for stem mixing or balancing instrument groups.

Dual Reverb Returns

The centre section features dual reverb returns with independent routing, solo options, and cue send, ideal for connecting analogue FX units or additional stereo line inputs.

Three-Way Talkback

The console features a built-in three-way talkback/return talkback system for communication between artist, engineer & producer, with creative options for demanding sessions.


Digital Control Technology

Onboard Recall System

Every setting on the 8424 console can be recalled via the embedded recall system. Console routing, soft switches, and motorised faders are automatically recalled at the push of a button.

Smart Routing

The intelligent switching options within the 8424 console make complex routing decisions simple. With single-button pushes, the 1073’s, DI’s, & 500 series slots can be dynamically routed to multiple locations depending on your current session workflow.

Offline Stores

The 8424 apps offline store feature communicates with the consoles internal storage, utilising the DAW computer for archiving, renaming, and loading console recall store files.

Customisable Recording Platform

Add up to three 1073OPX units to the console or any combination of external preamplifiers to create a custom recording platform built to your studio’s requirements.

OPX Linking

Remotely control up to three 1073OPX units from the console surface as if they were fully integrated preamps, with a digital display of all gain levels and input types.

Zero Faders

The motorised fader option includes a zero fader option, allowing the analogue levels to be restored to an absolute zero position at any point in a session.


Modern DAW Automation

Motorised Faders

The self-calibrating motorised faders transform the 8424 console into a fully-fledged DAW controller for complete in-the-box control.

Multi-Layer Control

Flip between analogue level control and DAW level control at the push of a button using highly accurate fader control technology.

Multi-DAW Workstation

Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Nuendo or Ableton can be controlled at the push of a button, allowing for an uninterrupted studio workflow.

Transport & Automation

The transport and automation controls are always active, allowing for total control of the DAW timeline in any console mode.

DAW VPOT Control

The consoles 24 trim controllers can control DAW pans, aux sends, and plugin controls in DAW mode, giving complete, ergonomic control over software parameters.

Active Fader Mode

This final mixdown feature transposes the positions of the DAW faders, onto the analogue layer of the console, giving post-processing, flying-fader style analogue automation controlled from the DAW.


Special Order Item

Neve 8424 24-Fader Console

  • Neve 8424 24-Fader Console

  • Versatile, powerful desk featuring the legendary 80-series Neve sound, 4 groups, 24 channel faders
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