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The Antelope Audio Isochrone Trinity master clock stands out from the crowd with dedicated functions and controls. Powered by an ultra-stable, oven-controlled crystal oscillator, Trinity’s completely redesigned timing engine with 4th generation 64-bit acoustically focused clocking provides supremely low jitter and high stability, with distinct sonic advantages that are immediately apparent. An atomic input makes it a perfect match for the 10M Atomic Clock, while user re-calibration and dual redundant power supply will keep the unit running smoothly and prevent costly downtime.

Trinity takes care of requirements that usually would have needed several units. With 3 HD and 2 SD generators, the Trinity master clock locks to and generates all known professional video format, while simultaneously offering 3 independent audio channels capable of 384kHz with varispeed adjustment in cents or percent. With its wealth of connectivity, flexibility, and ease of use, Trinity is the ideal linchpin for a modern studio.

Antelope Audio Isochrone Trinity HD Master Clock

  • Antelope Audio Isochrone Trinity HD Master Clock
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