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The Audient EVO 4 is a desktop 2x2 USB audio interface that makes capturing high-quality audio effortless. It features two warm EVO mic preamps, a JFET Hi-Z input for instruments, and Smartgain automatic gain control. Plus, its two 1/4" monitor outputs and headphone output are perfect for connecting your speakers and headphones for monitoring.


The EVO 4's large knob provides convenient control of levels for your monitors, headphones, and channels, while the multifunction buttons enable easy muting of the inputs and headphone output. The audio loopback function makes it possible to record computer audio at the same time as the inputs—a welcome feature for podcasters who need to capture remote guests via Skype or other VoIP apps.


DAW software, virtual instruments, samples, cabinet simulation, and more are included to get you started on your path toward achieving polished productions. Because the unit is bus-powered, you can power it straight from your computer; you never need to worry about accidentally forgetting or unplugging a power supply. It includes a USB Type-C to Type-A cable to connect to your Mac/Windows computer. USB Type-C and USB Type-C to Lightning cables are available separately to expand connectivity options.


High-Quality Audio

Building on Audient's 20+ years of audio design experience, the EVO 4 gives you premium audio quality—58 dB gain range, -128 dB mic pre EIN, and 113 dB dynamic range—on your desktop; something that benefits content creators, producers, and instrumentalists in home studios or on the go.


2-Channel Input Section

Record panel podcasts or several musicians through the warm, accurate EVO preamps and high-performance AKM converters. The EVO 4 features two XLR-1/4" combo mic/line inputs and a 1/4" Hi-Z JFET instrument input to handle a variety of sources from dynamic and condenser mics to electric guitars and outboard preamps.


Stereo Headphone Out and Two Monitor Outputs

With two balanced 1/4" monitor outputs and a 1/4" headphone output, the EVO 4 can act as the central hub for your main speakers and headphones. Plus, the touch points and large rotary control provide intuitive access to volume adjustments for the outputs.



Connecting a set of headphones to either of the headphone ports will automatically mute the corresponding speaker outputs, making switching between loudspeaker monitoring and headphone monitoring quick and seamless.


Smartgain Mode

Make sure you capture everything perfectly with Smartgain mode. Start playing or singing and Smartgain mode will automatically set the level of your microphones. You can even perfectly match and adjust gain to two channels simultaneously.


Work Anywhere

All of EVO 4's advanced features are powered directly from your computer via USB, letting you start recording on the go, whenever inspiration strikes.


Audio Loopback

Audio loopback enables you to record your computer audio at the same time as your microphones, making it ideal for podcasters and streamers.

Record your computer's audio

Record guest Skype/video calls

Record gaming audio


Powerful Control

Smart Touchpoints: Control your speakers, headphones, and channels all using the volume encoder.

Monitor Mix: Leave latency behind. Blend between your inputs and DAW playback to reduce latency when recording.

Monitor Pan: Pan your inputs and DAW playback left or right and create the perfect headphone balance for recording.

Switchable Phantom Power: Individually switch 48V phantom power on/off for each channel and give your microphones the power they need.

Multifunction Buttons: Channels 1-2 and output volume button can quickly be muted by holding them down until they begin to flash.

Software Control: Set the gain of your mic preamps using your DAW (with compatible software). Your settings will also be stored in your session.


Mac, Windows, and iOS Compatibility

In addition to being compatible with Mac and Windows computers, the EVO 4 audio interface can be used with your iPad or iPhone. To use EVO 4 with an iPad Pro that has a USB Type-C port, simply connect it using a USB Type-C cable (available separately). The USB Type-C port on the iPad Pro will provide full USB bus power, so you do not need an external power source.


In order to connect the EVO 4 to an iOS device equipped with a Lightning port, you will need an Apple Camera Connection Kit and an active USB hub (both available separately). The active USB hub is required as the Lightning port cannot provide enough bus power for the EVO 4 to work correctly, and the hub will provide the correct power via the USB cable.


Bundled Software

Compatible with all major audio software and plug-ins, the EVO 4 comes bundled with a collection of professional software, giving you everything you need to start recording.

Steinberg Cubase LE and Cubasis LE 2: Turn your Mac/Windows computer into an easy-to-use music studio with all the basic tools for recording, editing, and mixing everything from the initial musical idea to the final track.

Steinberg Retrologue 2: This virtual instrument emulates the warmth and fatness of classic analog synthesizers, producing a wealth of sounds that will inspire you time and again.

Waldorf Edition 2 LE: Software emulations of three classic Waldorf products, including the legendary synth PPG Wave 2 drum module, Attack, and D-pole filter.

Two Notes Torpedo Wall of Sound: A speaker and miking simulation plug-in with eight carefully selected cab emulations, including emulations of MesaBoogie, Fender, and Ampeg.

GForce M-Tron Pro LE: An industry-standard emulation of the classic Mellotron tape playback keyboard.

The Sample Boutique from Loopmasters: Over 2GB of drum loops, synth loops, vocal loops, and more.

Produce Like a Pro: Three free online courses full of valuable insight and techniques.

Subitopiano: Get 20 minutes of time (at no extra cost) recording your MIDI tracks on a real grand piano through a specifically designed and fully automated studio, all over the web.

Audient EVO 4 USB-C Audio Interface

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