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Audio Accessories, Inc., manufactures a standard line of audio 1/4" Long-Frame MAXI jacks and panels-for many years, the industry standard.  By manufacturing at their own factory in Marlow NH, they can guarantee the same exacting specifications their customers have relied on for more than 50 years. Each panel is machined in-house and each jack is hand-adjusted and inspected to ensure years of fail-proof patching!


The Configuration

1 RU panel, 2x24 position jacks


The Features

Normals brought out for full, half or non-normalling options

.078" Western Electric #1 gold alloy contacts

Hot-solder-dipped terminals, fanned for ease in wiring.

Nylon support bumper ensures solid contact

Cable tie bar takes the weight of cables off the jacks


1 RU panel, 2x24 position jacks

Audio Accessories 312A - 48pt Longframe Solder Type Patchbay

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