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The Audix ADX60 is a versatile cardioid boundary microphone designed for general ambiance and instrument capturing. The microphone's frequency and sensitivity characteristics are more than suitable for capturing meetings, conferences and interviews as well as piano, kick drum and much more. The cardioid polar pattern minimizes residual off-axis surface born noise. The compact mic delivers big sound reproduction and includes a 25-foot cable with APS10 phantom power supply. The ADX60 is at home on stage, in conference rooms and in the recording studio.


The Features

Cardioid Polar Pattern

The cardioid polar pattern effectively minimizes off-axis residual noise and vibration

Slim Profile

The low profile design is ideal for desk surface or instrument mounting in pianos and kick drums

Optimized Frequency Response

The tailored frequency response delivers accurate signal reproduction while minimizing noise

Audix ADX60 - Cardioid Boundary Instrument and Area Microphone

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