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Avid MBOX Studio USB-C is a powerful desktop music-production interface for home studio musicians, podcasters, DJs, engineers, producers and video sound technicians. Four Variable-Z microphone preamps and two dedicated instrument inputs offer the versatility to record small bands and host multiple podcast guests. Instantaneous creative inspiration is a given with the inclusion of Pro Tools Studio and MBOX Ignition Pack, which offer a vast collection of virtual instruments, loops, samples, stompboxes, guitar amp simulations, recording plug-ins and more. Low-latency monitoring ensures you’re hearing that everything you’re laying down is locked to the groove.

Speaking of monitoring, MBOX Studio provides two headphone outputs with dedicated level controls, and two stereo monitor outputs for listening to playbacks on two different sets of monitor speakers—just like in big studios. A variety of handy inputs and outputs include optical (8-channel ADAT or 2-channel S/PDIF), MIDI and Bluetooth, and there’s even a Hi-Z output to amp for reamping recorded guitar tones for ultimate sonic flexibility.

The Avid MBOX Studio is a one-stop shop for unleashing your imagination. Almost everything you need to record, build textures and beats, edit and mix is ready to go and at your fingertips.


The Features

Four combo mic preamps/line inputs

Two instrument inputs

Low-latency tracking


The Included Software

1-year subscriptions to Pro Tools Studio ($299 value), Sibelius Artist ($99 value)

MBOX Ignition pack, featuring exclusive plug-ins and Brainworx emulations of classic signal processors and effects

Pro Tools Inner Circle: Gain access to a curated collection of free plug-ins, music & sound libraries, training resources, and more by the most innovative partner brands with your annual Pro Tools subscription


The Specs

Audio Quality

21x22 simultaneous I/O 24-bit/96kHz audio conversion

10x10 simultaneous I/O 176.4/192kHz sample rate


General Inputs and Outputs

High-quality mic preamps/line inputs with Variable Z (impedance) - 4

Variable Z instrument inputs - 2

Additional line-level inputs 4

Impedance-switching effects loops - 2

Simultaneous stereo Bluetooth I/O - 2-way

Optical I/O8-channel ADAT or 2-channel S/PDIF

Coax S/PDIF I/O - Yes

MIDI I/O - Yes

Stereo monitor outputs - 2

Impedance-matched Hi-Z reamplification output to guitar amp 1

Headphone outputs with independent cue mix control 2

Footswitch/expression pedal inputs 2


Mic Input

Max input level min 14dBu

Gain range - 60dB

THD % - 0.001

Dynamic range - 112dB

EIN –129dBu, A-weighted

Frequency response - 0.125dB


Line Input

Max input level min - 14dBu

Gain range - 60dB

THD % 0.001

Dynamic range 112dB

Frequency response0.125dB


Instrument Input

Max input level min -14dBu

Gain range - 60dB

THD % - 0.004

Dynamic range - 108dB

Frequency response 0.125dB


Mains Output

Max output min - 19dBu

THD % - 0.0012

Dynamic range - 110dB

Frequency response - 0.125dB


Line Output

Max output min 19dBu

THD % - 0.002

Dynamic range - 110dB

Freq response - 0.125dB


Headphone Output

Dynamic range - 102dB

Freq response - 0.2dB

Output power - 120mW > 32 ohms


Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions (HxLxW) - 4.14" x 11.33" x 8.87"

Weight - 6.12 lb.

Avid MBOX Studio USB-C Audio Interface

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