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Mix and record any live production with ease


Avid VENUE | S6L delivers the unmatched processing power and sound clarity artists and engineers rely on to present the best show possible. From AAX and Waves plug-in support and 128 tracks of Pro Tools® recording, to full system modularity and 300+ processing channels, S6L gives you ultimate mixing efficiency and flexibility. And now with its newly expanded line of control surfaces, engines, and I/O racks to choose from, it’s easy to configure and scale the perfect system to meet the demands of any gig.


VENUE | S6L now offers even more component options, enabling you to configure and scale a system to meet any size production, space, or budget requirement. Take control of any tour, performance, or event with a choice of five surfaces that offer from 16–48 faders. Power performances and studio processing with a choice of three engines. Get all the ins and outs you need by mixing and matching any combination of four I/O rack options. Scale your system up or down to meet changing control, processing, I/O, and connectivity requirements. And get 100% software, hardware, and show file compatibility across the entire line.


When you’re mixing live, there are no do-overs. You have to anticipate and react fast. With Avid VENUE | S6L, you get instant access to every facet of your mix. View detailed information across high-res displays—in even the brightest outdoor conditions. Access and adjust plug-ins, VCA groups, and more using touchscreens or surface controls. And gain insight into every input, aux, and more through the Universe screen.


From Broadway to broadcast, many live shows require hundreds of channels. With the Avid VENUE | E6L engine, you have the power to support over 300 processing channels. The real-time processing engine handles all routing, channel, and mixing functions. The HDX-powered DSP engine manages all plug-in processing, with full automatic delay compensation, so you can create bigger, better sounding mixes— with no round trips to external servers. Simply put, it outperforms the competition— hands down.


With its premium-grade architecture, audio engine, and high-performance preamps, S6L delivers incredible clarity, warmth, and presence throughout the signal path. It’s also the only live system that provides 128 tracks of integrated Pro Tools recording and playback, eliminating the need for expensive audio interfaces. And it supports the same audio plug-ins and emulations of prized outboard gear used in countless recordings, so you can easily re-create the sound of the studio—live.


All VENUE systems use the same software, so you can load any VENUE show file into any S6L system and be ready to rock. This makes it easy to transition from one system to another, like when going from a club tour to a big festival. Just copy your show files to a USB key and load them into S6L. VENUE software adapts the settings to fit within the available hardware and software feature set of the given VENUE system configuration.

The Features 

Mix and record live performances and events of any size with a fully modular and flexible live sound system

Build the perfect system with a choice of five control surfaces, three engines, four I/O racks, and many options

Meet the most demanding live sound challenges with the industry’s most powerful processing engine

Deliver the best sound quality possible with high-performance preamps and extended sample rate support

Experience unmatched sound processing and tactile control through fully integrated, onboard plug-ins

Use your favorite Waves plug-ins in your mix with fully integrated Waves SoundGrid workflows, as well as support over MADI

Get up to 128 tracks of Pro Tools recording/playback and Virtual Soundcheck over Ethernet AVB—no interface required

Share I/O across multiple networked systems with advanced gain tracking

Gain unmatched visual feedback and instant access to your most important functions through high-resolution touchscreens and OLED displays

Interface with a range of network and I/O formats—including Ethernet AVB, Dante, MADI, and more*

Enjoy the familiar VENUE workflows and interface you know and love, with show file compatibility

Control monitor mixes remotely using the free VENUE | On-Stage iOS
Special Order Item

Avid VENUE S6L 24C Live Mixing System - S6L-24C-112

  • Avid VENUE S6L 24C Live Mixing System - S6L-24C-112
  • State-of-the-art Avid digital mixing system includes the VENUE | E6L-112 mixing engine, VENUE | S6L-24C 24-fader/1-display control surface, VENUE | Stage 64 48x8 Stage 64 input box, and one year of AVID ADVANTAGE preferred support.
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