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The Avid S6L-32D-144 is a VENUE | S6L mixing system that includes the S6L-32D control surface and the E6L-144 processing engine. The S6L-32D control surface features four (4) daylight-visible 12.1" touchscreens, 34 total faders, and three (3) banks of 32 control knobs with high-resolution OLEDs and tri-color function indicators. The AVB-networkable E6L-144 processing engine is capable of sample rates of 48 or 96 kHz across its total 144 input channels.

The Next Stage in Live Sound

VENUE has been one of the most trusted and requested live mixing systems in the world, and now the legacy continues with VENUE | S6L, a modular system designed to take on the most demanding tours and events with ease. Offering unprecedented processing capabilities—with over 300 processing channels—S6L delivers unrelenting performance and reliability through its advanced engine design and backs it up with modern touchscreen workflows and scalability to meet any challenge. It also provides onboard plug-ins and Pro Tools® integration, with more track counts than ever before. Plus, with a comprehensive array of network and I/O offerings, you can easily configure the system to meet the demands of any gig.Take Deep, Intelligent Control of Your MixThe VENUE | S6L control surface is designed for modern live sound workflows, putting extensive control at your fingertips to deliver fast access to any part of your mix. Get unmatched visual feedback and information through high-resolution OLED displays and meters that are visible in even the brightest outdoor conditions. View comprehensive metering and select and adjust plug-ins from the touchscreen. And insert and adjust plug-ins and spill VCAs and groups right from the surface, with instant insight and access to every input, aux, group, VCA, and more through the Universe screen.

Experience the Most Powerful Processing Engine in the Industry

From Broadway to broadcast, live productions are more complex than ever, requiring hundreds of channels. With the groundbreaking VENUE | E6L engine, you have two powerhouse technologies working in concert together. The real-time processing engine handles all routing, channel, and mixing functions for maximum stability and power, while the HDX-powered DSP engine manages all AAX plug-in processing, enabling you to create bigger, better sounding mixes.

Achieve Pristine Sound Through High-Performance I/O

Scale your system with as little or as much I/O as you need with the Stage 64 rack (sold separately), featuring a high-performance preamp design that delivers the best possible sound quality throughout the signal path, with incredible clarity, warmth, and presence.

Get More Creative with Expanded Plug-In Processing

Mix with the same sound processors used in top studios. Thanks to dedicated HDX-powered DSPs handling all plug-in processing, you can deploy an unprecedented number of plug-ins to fine-tune and finesse every channel to get the exact sounds you want. S6L comes with and directly supports 64-bit AAX DSP plug-ins, giving you far more creative choices than other live mixing systems.

Record and Support the Biggest Shows with Pro Tools

S6L offers the most powerful and integrated live recording capabilities in the industry, providing seamless Pro Tools recording and playback, while enabling you to control your live mixing and recording rigs as one. With Virtual Soundcheck, you can use live recordings to fine-tune mixes, program snapshots, experiment with plug-ins, and more, saving valuable sound check and set-up time.

The Features

  • Meet the most demanding live sound challenges with the industry’s most powerful processing engine
  • Deliver the best sound quality possible with high performance preamps and extended sample rate support
  • Experience unmatched sound processing and tactile control through fully integrated, onboard plug-ins
  • Get unprecedented Pro Tools capabilities, including Virtual Soundcheck, over Ethernet AVB and Thunderbolt*—no interface required
  • Share I/O across multiple networked systems with advanced gain tracking
  • Gain unmatched visual feedback and instant access to your most important functions through high-resolution touchscreens and OLED displays
  • Freely configure the modular system components and I/O to meet the demands of any live production
  • Interface with a range of network and I/O formats —including Ethernet AVB, Dante, MADI, Thunderbolt, and more*
  • Enjoy the familiar VENUE workflows and interface you know and love, with total show file compatibility

The Specs

  • S6L-32D Control Surface:
  • Daylight Visible Touchscreens: 12.1" touchscreen x4
  • Faders: 32 + 2
  • Knob Modules: 3x 32, each with high-resolution OLEDs and tri-color function indicator
  • Master Live Module: Graphic TFTs with soft buttons; Touch and Turn assignable encoder; 2 assignable faders; monitoring, layout and snapshot controls; transport controls and function buttons
  • Metering: 30-segment meters per channel, with pre- and post-fade metering options; Nominal indicator, Expander/Gate status and Compressor/Limiter gain reduction meters
  • Analog Inputs: 8 XLR mic/line inputs with 48V and signal present LEDs
  • Analog Outputs: 8 XLR outputs with mute and signal present LEDs
  • Digital Inputs: 4 pairs of XLR stereo AES/EBU (8 channels total)
  • Digital Outputs: 4 pairs of XLR stereo AES/EBU (8 channels total)
  • Headphone Outputs: 2 independent 1/4" TRS stereo headphone jacks
  • Ancillary I/O: DVI-D video out, 5 USB 2.0 (2 rear, 2 front, 1 internal), ECx Ethernet port for wired/wireless remote control, GPIO (8 in/8 out), 2 footswitch, Linear Time Code input, MIDI I/O
  • Ethernet AVB Ports: 2 etherCON (copper), 2 selectable as etherCON (copper) or SFP (fiber); redundant ring topology
  • 2-Track USB: Stereo record/playback via USB flash drive (transport and playlist integrated into VENUE software)
  • Power Supply: Dual redundant, internal hot-swappable PSUs
  • Height (front, rear): 3.6" x 15.3" (91 mm x 388 mm)
  • Width: 51.4" (1305 mm)
  • Depth: 31" (787 mm)
  • Weight: 154 lbs (70 kg)

E6L-144 Processing Engine

  • Sample Rates: 48 kHz, 96 kHz
  • Input Channels: 144
  • Input Processing: True Gain™ gain compensation, HPF, LPF, 4-band PEQ, Expander/Gate, Compressor/Limiter, Delay, 4 plug-in inserts, hardware insert
  • Mix Busses: 64 + LCR
  • Output Processing: 7-band PEQ, Compressor/Limiter, Delay, 4 plug-in inserts, hardware insert
  • Matrix: 16 x 16
  • VCAs: 24
  • Stereo Solo Busses: 2, with independent control
  • Graphic EQs (31-band): 32
  • Plug-in Support: HDX-powered, 64-bit AAX DSP plug-ins via expansion slots
  • Plug-in Slots: 128
  • Pro Tools Integration: Record/play back up to 64 tracks via Ethernet AVB; higher track counts with Thunderbolt option card (sold separately)
  • Ethernet AVB Ports: 2 per Ethernet AVB card; selectable as etherCON (copper) or SFP (fiber) with redundant ring topology; engine can be expanded with up to three Ethernet AVB cards
  • Word Clock I/O: BNC, 75 Ohm coaxial
  • USB Ports: 5 USB 2.0 ports (2 front, 2 back, 1 internal)
  • Option Card Slots: 8 PCI Express (PCIe)
  • Power Supply: N+1 redundant; internal hot-swappable PSUs
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 8.6" x 16.9" x 19" (218 mm x 430 mm x 483 mm)
  • Rack Spaces: 5U
  • Weight: 61 lbs (28 kg)

Special Order Item

Avid VENUE S6L 32D Live Mixing System - S6L-32D-144

  • Avid VENUE S6L 32D Live Mixing System - S6L-32D-144
  • The Avid S6L-32D-144 is a VENUE | S6L mixing system that includes the S6L-32D control surface and the E6L-144 processing engine
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