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The Baby Bottle SL is a pressure gradient cardioid condenser microphone with a classic sound and tremendous versatility. It has a richly present midrange, smooth top-end and neutral low-end with tonal characteristics similar to the world’s finest vintage microphones. Featuring a high-pass filter and -20dB pad, Baby Bottle SL excels at adding a rich, classic sound to nearly any source including vocals, drums, electric guitar amps, and even difficult brass instruments like saxophones and trumpets.


Gain-stage like a pro with a -20dB pad switch

The Baby Bottle SL comes with both a pad and high-pass filter switch so you can extend your recording applications and take full advantage of the Baby Bottle’s versatility. Engaging the -20dB pad switch will give you ample headroom to record loud sources like guitars amps or dynamic vocalists. When this is set to 0, the Baby Bottle SL will send more signal to your audio interface to capture more nuanced performances from quiet instruments like acoustic guitars, violins or pianos.


Eliminate low-end rumble

The high-pass filter switch will eliminate the low-end rumble often caused by recording frequencies under 100Hz on certain instruments. With this roll-off switch engaged, the Baby Bottle SL works great on acoustic instruments and will excel when used as a stereo pair to record complex instruments like the piano or even as room mics to create a natural reverb for drums, guitar, synths and more.



Blue Baby Bottle SL Large-Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone B-Stock

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