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Designed to combine the evenly-dispersed sonic detail of planar magnetic drivers with the tonal heft of more traditional, moving-coil diaphragms, the Ella from Blue comprise a pair of sealed, over-ear headphones. They sport 50 x 50mm planar magnetic drivers to deliver a transparent, detailed sound which, unlike dynamic-driver headphones, will not distort in certain frequency ranges as you crank the volume. Moreover, with an on-board 250mW amplifier, you will be able to achieve the level you'd expect out of your headphones in a manner that preserves tonal integrity; this is especially useful when pairing these headphones with MP3 players, smartphones, and iOS devices.


These headphones come with two detachable cables, one with iOS controls and a microphone for smartphone communication and Siri control, the other providing an audio connection to any device without the bells and whistles of mobile communication. Also included are a soft case and a 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter.

The Features

50mm x 50mm planar magnetic drivers

Built-in 250mW audiophile amplifier

- Personalized fit to ensure comfort

Sealed over-ear design to facilitate sound isolation

50 x 50mm Planar Magnetic Drivers

Sealed, Sound-Isolating Over-Ear Design

Built-In Headphone Amplifier

20 Hz to 20 kHz Frequency Response

Detachable Audio Cable

Detachable Audio Cable with iOS Controls

Included Case & 3.5mm to 1/4" Adapter

Blue Microphones Ella Over-Ear Closed-Back Headphones

  • Blue Ella Over-Ear Closed-Back Magnetic Headphone with Built-In Audiophile Amp
  • Over-Ear Closed-Back Magnetic Headphone with Built-In Audiophile Amp
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