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The BSS Audio BLU-50 is a 4x4 signal processor with built-in BLU link that provides 48 channels of low-latency, fault-tolerant digital audio. The BLU-50 is configured, controlled, and monitored for HiQnet Audio Architect and is compatible with other members of the Soundweb London family.

The 48 channels of BLU link bus represents channels 1-48 of a larger 256 channel BLU link bus when integrated with other BLU link devices such as the BLU-800, BLU-320, BLU-160, BLU-120, BLU-BIB, and BLU-BOB devices. Up to 60 BLU link compatible devices can share channels on a single bus. As with other Soundweb London devices, 12 Control Inputs, 6 Logic Outputs, and an RS-232 port allow the BLU-50 to be integrated with other compatible devices.

The 1/2 rack processor offers a fixed configuration of four inputs and four outputs, configurable signal processing, logic processing, and BLU link. The device can be powered via POE or from the included 12 VDC power adapter. The analog inputs of the BLU-50 provide software configurable gain in 6 dB increments up to +48 dB per channel. Software selectable phantom power is available per channel. The front panel provides LED indicators for phantom power, signal present, and clip information.

The Features

 4 analog inputs (with 48V phantom power per channel)

4 analog outputs Configurable signal processing

Rich palette of processing and logic objects

48-channel, low-latency, fault-tolerant digital audio bus

Clear front-panel LED indication

Bidirectional locate functionality

12 control inputs and 6 logic outputs for GPIO Integration

Soundweb London Interface kit for third-party control system integration

HiQnet device

Configuration, control, and monitoring from HiQnet London Architect

12-48 VDC or PoE+ powering options (12 VDC power supply included)

Optional rackmount, surface-mount, and desk-mount installation hardware available separately

BSS BLU-50 4x4 signal processor with BLU link

  • BSS BLU-50 4x4 signal processor with BLU link
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