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The16-Channel Expander Bucket for Mini Rack Mixer from Chandler expands the Mini Rack Mixer from 16 channels to 32 channels. It is a 19" (482.6mm), all steel rack box that, fully-loaded, weighs 50 lb. (22.7kg) mostly due to the 22 transformers that are contained in the unit. The Mini has eight single-slot, 2-channel line input modules, a single-slot talkback module, a single-slot control room monitor panel and a 4-slot master module. Even though the mixer is a rackmounted unit and ideal for portable DAW rigs, it can be positioned at a slight angle in a permanent desktop cabinet to work as a conventional mixer/console/desk.


- Control Room

Includes talkback, speaker switching, mute, mono, dim, external input (also used as an insert point), and separate control room and stereo bus outs

- External Input

Pressing this button disconnects the mix section and control room allowing for some interesting combinations. The most obvious is to listen to other sources, like two track machines or CD players, but was designed with other important options in mind

- Stereo Output

Volume for two sets of stereo outputs

- Stereo Insert

You can create a stereo insert point between the stereo outputs and control room sections of the mixer. Hit external, patch from the stereo output to the external in, and the control room then becomes your stereo out with an insert point

- Channel Volume

Each control is push/pull to mute the channel

- Summing

Feed a stereo mix from your DAW to the external in and listen from the control room out. The mixer is then completely independent from the control room and stereo bus allowing for dual mono or stereo summing

- Talkback Module

Volume control and momentary push button to engage

- Channel Pan

Toggle switch disconnects pan pot to allow for true centering, like on a vintage API or Neve console

The Features

Expands to 32 Channels

Speaker 1/2 & External Input

2 Stereo Outputs

Full-Featured Control Room Section

Stereo Insert

22 Custom-Wound Transformers

Talkback Module

Channel Pan

Meter Module

Provides 20 Discrete Amplifiers


Chandler Limited Mini Rack Mixer Expander Bucket - 16-Channel

  • Chandler Limited 16-Channel Expander Bucket for Mini Rack Mixer
  • Add 16 channels to your Chandler Limited Mini Rack Mixer
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