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The Germanuim Drive Pedal by Chandler delivers all the tone and color you've come to expect from rack-mounted Germanium preamps in this compact guitar pedal; ideal for touring guitarists. If you've ever used a Germanium pre on guitar before, it's hard not to wish you've always had one. That's most likely how you'll feel after using the Germanuim Drive. It takes all the things you love most about the sound of your amp and guitar and boosts it times eleven. That's right, the drive control goes right past ten to provide up to 37 dB of boost.


However, things don't end there. The Feedback knob offers five, choice selections which modifies tone, harmonic distortion and clipping and provides a nice range of sound from tight and slightly driven, to fuzzy, to all-out serious drive. Take that and add in its two, three-way switches for Highs and Boost Range and take your overall brightness and frequency response to a whole new level.


The Features

Provides rack-mounted, Germanium preamp sound in a compact guitar pedal

Enhances the tone of your guitar and amplifier and provides up to 37 dB of boost

Feedback knob delivers a wide range of sound from driven, to fuzzy to all-out serious drive

Three-way Highs and Boost Range switches control overall brightness and frequency response


Chandler Limited is the only company in the world authorized to develop, manufacture and market the “Official Equipment” of EMI/Abbey Road Studios.

Chandler Limited and their associated logos are registered trademarks of Chandler Limited, Inc. Abbey Road Studios, EMI, TG, REDD and RS and their associated logos are trademarks of EMI (IP) Limited.

Chandler Limited Germanium Drive Pedal

  • Chandler Limited Germanium Pedal
  • A germanium pedal like none other, a range of uses from tighter, lightly driven to slightly fuzzy, to full on germanium hell!
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