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The Little Devil EQ from Chandler Limited is a small package equalizer with a huge vintage sound. It is an inductor-based EQ with discrete circuits that gyrator circuits of most other modern EQs cannot touch. It features a classic Baxendall tone control and all units are handwired using through-hole components and handwiring. The high-quality build and English circuitry all contribute to an updated take on a vintage sound. All units have been upgraded to avoid any power compatibilities with 3rd party racks and lunchboxes. Overall, the Little Devil EQ is a top quality, hand-built EQ which will add warmth and vintage character to your tracks.


Huge Sound

English circuits, top quality components, and custom transformers all contribute to the warm but open bass. All of these features are packaged into a unit which fits into a 500 series rack or lunchbox.


Discrete Amp with Custom Transformers

The quality amp and custom transformers deliver clean power to the EQ and prevent unwanted noise and hum from entering the signal path.


Baxendall Tone Control

The Baxendall tone control helps give the Little Devil that British console sound which is usually found in units much greater in terms of both size and money. It adds warmth and depth without sacrificing quality and clarity of sound.


Handbuilt with Top-Shelf Components

The unit is handmade using through-hole components and handwiring which greatly increases the quality of sound compared to surface mount components used in most other EQs. These techniques preserve the vintage sound which Chandler is known for.


Upgraded to Eliminate Power Issues

The Little Devil has been upgraded to eliminate power conflicts with 3rd party racks. It has been tested and is compatible with the following units. API 500V 10-slot with L200 PSU; API 500-6B Lunchbox; API 500-6B HC "new version" Lunchbox; BAE 11-slot with power one supply; BAE 6-slot portable with power one supply; BAE 6-slot with Avedis designed supply; A-Designs 2-slot; Purple Sweet 10; and Empirical Labs 2-slot. Not yet tested in Radial Workhorse.


Revisit the Sounds of Yesteryear

The British circuits, handmade construction, inductor design, and Baxendall tone control all contribute to a warm, vintage sound which Chandler is known for.


Mix with Your Ears, Not Your Eyes

All frequencies have been set and tuned by ear using classic gear as a guideline, ensuring you are getting the most accurate representation of that highly coveted vintage sound.


Capacitor and Inductor Based Circuits

The discrete circuits and inductor based design give the Little Devil EQ a huge sound that gyrator circuits cannot touch.


Made in USA

Chandler Limited Little Devil EQ

  • Chandler Limited Little Devil EQ
  • 500 Series equalizer
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