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If you need the sound of the 1960s and '70s in a 16-channel mixer format, consider the Chandler Limited Mini Rack Mixer.


This unit provides 16 inputs and two outputs—but in the path from input to output, you'll find Chandler's magic happens. 


20 discrete amplifiers, 22 custom-wound transformers, Class-A transister circuitry, and other premium components ensconce the signal in the warmth and punch of the classic era, all while providing the low-noise signal integrity of the modern age.


In addition to the mixer itself, the device offers a full-featured Control Room section, including an input for a talkback mic, as well as speaker switching, mute and mono buttons, a dim switch, and an external input commonly used as an insert point. You'll find the two meters useful for monitoring signal.


The mixer can expand up to 32 channels or more, with the use of TRS cables. Please note, the propietary PSU is not shipped with the mixer itself; it is available separately.

The Features

- Channel Volume

Each control is push-pull to mute the channel

- Channel Pan

Pan the signal around the stereo field, or use the toggle switch to disconnect the pan pots entirely for true centering

- Talkback Module

Volume control and momentary push button to engage

- Control Room Section

Includes talkback, speaker switching, mute, mono, dim, external input (also used as an insert point), and separate control-room and stereo-bus outs

- External Input Button

Pressing this button disconnects the mix section and control room allowing for some 

interesting combinations. The most obvious is to listen to other sources, like 2-track machines or CD player, but it was designed with other important options in mind

- Stereo Output

Volume controls for two sets of stereo outputs

- Stereo Insert

By pressing the external you can create a stereo insert point between the stereo outputs and control room sections of the mixer. Hit External, patch from the stereo output to the external in, and the control room then becomes your stereo out with an insert point

- Summing

Feed a stereo mix from your DAW to the external in and listen from the control room out. The mixer is then completely independent from the control room and stereo bus. You can do either dual-mono or stereo summing

- Multiple Functions

 Even though the mixer is a rack-mounted unit and ideal for portable DAW rigs, it can be positioned at a slight angle in a permanent desktop cabinet to work as a conventional mixer/console/desk


Chandler Limited Mini Rack Mixer - 16 Channel

  • Chandler Limited Mini Rack 16 Channel Mixer
  • The Chandler Limited Mini Rack Mixer is a 16x2 transformer balanced mixer with all the warmth you need for your digital recordings.
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