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Looking to enhance your pedalboard experience? Look no further than Stratus - the multi-effects guitar pedal of the future that allows you to swap to whatever sound you need instantly. With continuous pedal improvement, a 5-minute looper, hands-free effect switching, and access to dozens of effects and unlimited custom presets, Stratus lets you unleash your creativity and slim down your gig bag. 


The Chaos Audio mobile app is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing you to easily control every aspect of your Stratus pedal wirelessly from your mobile device. The app includes an expanding online effects platform called the Tone Shop: featuring dozens of effects and regular updates. An internet connection is only needed for app downloads and is not required for playing or other functions.


Buy Stratus once and enjoy continuous pedal improvement with each update. It features a 5-minute looper with unlimited overdubs,  Live-Mode for hands-free effect switching, and a wide range of effects options. You can save and load presets, chain up to seven effects, and access new effects through Stratus' online effects library. Beginners can experiment and learn without breaking the bank. Seasoned performers save space, time, and enjoy easy hands-free effects switching.

Stratus boasts a stylish, sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum enclosure that houses a powerful ARM CPU. Its sleek design includes shibui silkscreen artwork and 7 futuristic LEDs that provide feedback on the top of the pedal, while laser-engraved details adorn the back. The pedal includes a 9V jack for power, a USB-C port for firmware updates, and two 1/4” mono audio jacks.


The Features

Stratus can be a single effect, an entire pedalboard, and your looper

Compact size and portability

Quickly dial in effects with the mobil a

- New features and enhancements continually updated by Chaos Audio

A flexible effect solutions for beginners to seasoned guitarists


The Specs

Pedal Type
Multi-FX with Mobile App Interface
Effect Types
Overdrive, Reverb, Distortion, Delay, Modulation, Fuzz, Dynamics
Stratus Comes with a built-in looper that affords up to 5 minutes of recording time and an unlimited number of overdubs
Cycle through and toggle individual effects on/off through Stratus without the use of the Chaos Audio mobile app to keep hands free for live performances
Save and load an unlimited number of custom presets in the mobile app
(1) ¼” mono audio jack
(1) ¼” mono audio jack
3-5 milliseconds
(1) Type-C
Looper, Live-Mode, Multi-FX Processing, Preset Saving, and more to come!
Chaos Audio Mobile App, Chaos Audio Firmware Update Tool
Update Tool Compatibility
Mac OS 12.1 or higher, Windows, Linux
Mobile App Availability
Apple and Google Play Store
Mobile Device Compatibility
Bluetooth 4.0, 3GB RAM, minimum quad core CPU
Power Source
9V Center Negative capable of at least 400 mA (not included)
11.6 ounces
Manufacturer Part #

Chaos Audio Stratus

$429.00 Regular Price
$379.00Sale Price
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