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The Cloudlifter CL-4 Mic Activator from Cloud Microphones is a single rack-space, four-input solution for common audio problems involving low-output passive microphones, including ribbon mics.Based on Cloud’s award-winning Cloudlifter technology that converts phantom power into an additional +25 dB of ultra-clean gain Cloudlifters can be used to drive stronger, cleaner signals over long XLR cable runs, or to eleminate having to crank a noisy preamp up to eleven.


Housed in a rugged steel enclosure providing shielding and durability the CL-4 features four rear-mounted sets of balanced XLR inputs and outputs and is ideal for broadcast, live sound, public address, and professional studio applications.

The Features

Provides mics with up to +25dB additional output sensitivity – Four channel, rack mounted version

- Provides 2 distinct stages of ultra-clean gain

- Dramatically reduces noise caused by long cable runs and low-gain preamps

- Easy to use self contained design requires only phantom power

- Recommended for use with all passive microphones

- Compatible with tube, battery, or power supply driven microphones

- Safe for all passive ribbons with no transfer of phantom

- Utilizes Patent Pending Class A, Discrete JFET circuitry

- Ideal impedance loading for optimal performance @3Kohms

- Rack mount steel enclosure, for studio, stage and broadcasting

- Free lifetime limited warranty for parts and labor, with registration

- Handcrafted entirely in the USA

Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-4 Rackmount Mic Activator

  • Cloud Microphones Cloud Lifter CL-4
  • Rackmount Mic Activator
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