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The Cloudlifter CL-Zi Instrument/Mic Activator from Cloud Microphones features a variable-impedance "Z" knob and high-pass filter that work in tandem to create tone control through the manipulation of impedance loading. Powered via phantom power, the CL-Zi enables you to customize your tone before the gain stage of your signal path, and it is well suited for guitar and bass players, keyboardists, microphones, and many studio or stage applications.


The CL-Zi has a three-position gain switch, which allows for minimum gain, more gain, or the maximum gain available—approximately up to +12 dB for instruments and +25 dB for microphones. This ability to change gain settings allows you to access clean gain and a lower noise floor for your applications. Additionally, the unit uses Class-A, discrete JFET circuitry and is compatible with 1/4" Hi-Z instrument inputs and XLR Lo-Z microphones. It is designed and built for the rigors of the road.

The Features

Fully sweepable, variable impedance loading from 150 Ohms to 15 kOhms

- High-Pass filter frequency variable from below 20 Hz to over 4 kHz

Three gain settings yield up to +25 , +12, or +6 dB with mics and up to +12, +6, or +3 dB with instruments

Compatible with 1/4" Hi-Z instrument inputs and XLR Lo-Z microphones

Hi-Z input of >1 M Ohm primary impedance (prior to secondary loading via the Cloudlifter's Vari-Z interface) Improves microphone gain before feedback ratio in live & public address applications

Easy-to-use, self-contained design requires only phantom power

Compatible with dynamic, ribbon, tube, battery- or power-supply-driven microphones

Uses patented Class-A, discrete JFET circuitry and patented Vari-Z user interface

Rugged, road-ready, and portable for studio, stage, and broadcasting

Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-Zi Instrument/Mic Activator B-Stock

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