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The Coleman Audio RED48 summing console has the features of a large frame mixing console in two rack spaces. The control room monitoring section has three stereo selections and a passive stepped attenuator feeding the main monitors or alternate speakers. The communications section has a talkback mic (included) with level control and an independent slate output to designate tracks. The mix buss can handle up to 48 balanced analogue inputs that sum down to stereo and come out on a pair of XLR’s that can feed the DAW to record the mix. There’s a stereo insert so you can put a real compressor across the entire mix buss, a Penny & Giles master fader on the remote to do fades and remote switching for talkback slate and dim.

The Features
-Passive signal path for monitoring

-Stepped attenuator tracks to .05db

-Alternate speaker outputs

-Talkback mic and remote switching available

-Engineer headphone with TB signal

-Sums 48 inputs to a stereo output

-Stereo insert across mix buss

-Sums 48 inputs to a stereo output

-Remote with master fader and switching for Talkback Slate & Dim

Coleman Audio Red 48 Summing Console

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  • Coleman Audio Red48
  • Coleman Audio Red48 Summing Console
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