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The Coleman Audio SR7.1MKII is a 1U precision 7.1 surround controller with stereo fold-down capabilities and a new 47-position stepped attenuator.

The Coleman Audio SR7.1MKII features 8 recessed level controls, one for each of the eight inputs allowing you to tailor the speakers and sub to the monitoring room. The 47-position stepped master control has a 0.05dB tolerance and controls all inputs simultaneously and will be the main level control point after the original calibration.

7.1 surround mixes can be downmixed to 5.1, stereo and even mono giving you a true indication of how your mix will sound in different situations.

The Features
-47-position, 8-gang stepped master control (+/- 0.05dB) guarantees a balanced listening environment
-Folds mixes down to mono, stereo, or 2 types of 5.1 for compatibility testing
-Individual input mutes let you hear only what you want
-Recessed channel trims help you fine-tune your system
-8-channel balanced DB25 input
-8-channel balanced DB25 output
-L/R mute switches let you audition stereo channels independently

Great for mixing sound for film, video game audio, or HD audio formats!

Coleman Audio SR7.1 MKII 7.1 Surround Level Control

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  • Coleman Audio SR7.1MKII
  • Coleman Audio Sr7.1 Surround Level Control
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