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The Coleman Audio TC4 Mastering Transfer Console is a hub and DAW monitor controller for any studio or mastering facility.


The two balanced stereo inputs have a passive signal path through a 47 position stepped attenuator that tracks to .05db. This maintains the stereo balance at any level and feeds the mains or alternate balanced speaker outputs. There are four balanced stereo inserts in the signal chain with relay switching to keep the signal path as passive as possible. This makes A/Bing compressors, limiters, EQ or any effect as easy as pushing the button to insert the piece of gear.

The TC4's Flip switch reverses the order of insert 1 and 2 so you can A/B which comes first, the compressor or the EQ. The mono switch sums the stereo signal to mono in the speakers only not the mix output. The phase reverse switch flips the phase on the right speaker output, and when used in conjunction with the mono switch will give you a left minus right so you can work on the side channels (hard L or R signals). There are L and R mute switches to isolate the speakers and help focus on the side channels. The PRE/POST switch allows a comparison between the original audio signal and the processed audio signal.

The Master Output signal has a completely passive signal path from start to finish, except of course for the insert devices, and makes it easy to print the final mix. A powerful engineers headphone output with it's own level control, to check mixes up close, and a balanced stereo meter output so you can watch your levels rounds out this 1U monitor controller.

The Features

-Two Balanced Stereo Inputs Input 1 XLR Input 2 TRS

-Four Balanced stereo outputs on XLR's

-Mix output to record processed track

-Speaker outputs #1 and #2

-Stereo Meter output on TRS R

-Four switchable stereo inserts

-Pre/Post insert switch

-47 position stepped level control that tracks to ±.05 dB

-Mono sum with L minus R

-Left and Right mute switches

-Headphone output with level control

Coleman Audio TC4 Transfer Console

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  • Coleman Audio TC4
  • Coleman Audio TC4 transfer console with 4 stereo inserts
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