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The Crown 160MA is a high value mixer-amplifiers for commercial audio. They provide 8-ohm and constant-voltage outputs (70V and 100V). Typical uses are paging, background music, and music-on-hold. The 135MA provides 3 inputs (each with a volume control) and a 35W amplifier output. The 160MA provides 4 inputs (each with a volume control) and a 60W amplifier output. Other features include priority muting, voice activated muting, phantom power, and bass and treble controls.


The Features

Professional 4-input, 1-output mixer/amplifier

Individual volume controls for each input

Stereo RCA and Phoenix inputs

Phoenix preamp and telephone outputs, as well as screw terminal speaker outputs

Priority muting via VOX or external switch

Individual bass and treble controls on the master output

Built-in protection circuitry for overheating, overload, and DC fault

Crown 160MA 4-Input 60W Mixer-Amplifier, 70V/100V 8 Ohm

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