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You’ve heard dbx’s patented Subharmonic Synthesis before. It has provided chest-thumping, teeth-rattling, bone-jarring bass in nightclubs, theatre and film, music recording, live music performance and broadcasting for decades. dbx’s Subharmonic Synthesis process produces a new, waveform-modeled bass note, exactly one octave below the bass in the original audio.

The dbx 510 answers the call of audio professionals everywhere delivering Subharmonic Synthesis in the convenient design of a 500 Series module. The 510’s two separate bands of subharmonic synthesis provide smoothness and control, while the independent Low Frequency Boost circuit gets the most out of low frequency speaker systems. Unlike other bass synthesis modules, the dbx process produces musical low frequencies that don’t interfere with mid and high-band information, even when the maximum synthesis and boost are applied. The result is a low-end punch that people really feel.

The Features

Based on dbx's fabled Subharmonic Synthesizer processors

Simple, intuitive interface

Synthesized frequency level indicator LEDs

Individual controls for two ranges of subharmonic frequencies

Subharmonics level control

Synthesis Bypass switch

dbx 510 Subharmonic Synthesizer

  • dbx 510
  • Subharmonic Synthesizer (500 Series Module)
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