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Elysia's nvelope 500 is a dual-channel analog 500 series transient shaperthat packs the power of three processors into a single box. Utilizing custom-designed, high-quality electronics, the nvelope 500 is a powerful and useful transient shaper, allowing for precise control over the envelope of a signal by shaping its attack and sustain levels. Born from the transient shaping technology invented by company founder Ruben Tilgner in the late '90s, elysia has improved upon this tech with an intuitive user interface, a 500 Series form factor, and high-grade, discrete analog circuitry.

By adjusting the Attack, percussive sounds such as slapped bass, drums, or piano can either be tamed or accentuated, while the Sustain adjustment allows for precise control over room sound and space; blend sounds into mixes more easily than ever. Full Range mode delivers big drum sounds or edgy guitar attacks with just a few turns of a knob, while Dual Band mode offers a more granular approach with separate attack and sustain controls for multiple frequencies. When dynamics processing isn't necessary, the whole transient shaper can be bypassed to transform the nvelope 500 into a dual-band shelving equalizer. Hand built and tested in Germany to exacting standards, the nvelope 500 by elysia is a singular, top-notch processor that performs well beyond its price point.

Three Devices in One

Simple Interface, Endless Possibilities

The nvelope 500 does away with the complex controls of typical compressors, making it easier to dial in the sound you are seeking. Three distinct operating modes provide great flexibility for several possible studio scenarios.

Full Range Mode

Full Range mode allows you to get results with just a turn of the attack and sustain knobs, with the unit handling the rest.

Dual Band Mode

Dual Band mode gives more detailed control by assigning the attack and sustain controls to individual frequency selectors.

EQ Mode

EQ mode lets you bypass the dynamics section entirely and use the unit as a two-band shelving equalizer.

Mixed Mode

When not being used in Stereo Link mode, the two individual processors can be used in parallel via mixed mode. Process two different signals simultaneously or feed the output of one processor into the input of the other for mixed EQ and dual band stages, with many more possible combinations.

Phenomenal Build Quality

With an extreme eye for detail, elysia has ensured that the nvelope 500 is made to the highest build quality standards. Proudly engineered and made in Germany, elysia utilizes only custom-designed parts and every unit is handcrafted to order and tested in their headquarters in Nettetal, Germany.

The Specs

Frequency response

<10 Hz-400kHz (-3.0dB) THD+N@ 0dBu, 20Hz – 22kHz: 0.006%@ +10 dBu, 20Hz – 22kHz: 0.01%

Noise floor A-weighted

20 Hz – 20 kHz (Full Range, EQ)-90.0 dBu20 Hz – 20 kHz (Dual Band): -87.0dBu

Dynamic range

20 Hz – 22 kHz: 112dB

Maximum level

Input: +21dBuOutput: +21dBu


Input: 10 kOhmOutput: 68Ohm

Power consumption

Total: 200 mAPer slot: 100mA

elysia nvelope 2-Channel 500 Series Transient Shaper EQ & Dynamics Processor

$999.00 Regular Price
$899.00Sale Price
  • elysia nvelope 2-Channel 500 Series Transient Shaper EQ & Dynamics Processor
  • Elysia's nvelope 500 is a dual-channel analog 500 series transient shaper that packs the power of three processors into a single box.
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