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The Fredenstein Artistic Mic Pre is a high perfomance, solid build and incredible sounding microphone preamp that represents an amazing Bang for your hard-earned Buck. It maintains all features you need on a preamp. The entire signal path is 100% discrete and with Fredenstein's own OPA2 amplifier and American made steel output transformer, we can guarantee a professional sounding mic pre even for musicians recording at home with cost effective recording rigs.

The features include a maximum gain of 65 dB, a 20 dB Pad, switchable polarity, selectable input impedance, and Phantom-Power support. Our new eight LED Peak-Meter with a 50 dB range gives the user a precise reading of the operating conditions. The 100 KOhms high impedance direct input is located on the front-panel accepts balanced and unbalanced signals and of course, your electric guitars and basses.


As with all Fredenstein products, the Artistic Pre is designed by a German-American team and manufactured in Taiwan. Parts quality is excellent, the build is solid and reliable and the list of performance specifications is clearly respectable and the result of proper design by real audio engineers.


The Features

100% discrete signal path; 65dB of gain

Fredenstein's proprietary OPA2 op-amp

High impedance direct input

Build solid and reliable!


The Specs

Frequency Response

20 Hz – 20,000 Hz, +/- 1 dB


< 0.02% at +4 dBu Output Level

Input Noise

< -127 dB

Input Impedance

- > 1500 Ohms or 300 Ohms Selectable

DI Impedance

 > 100 K Ohms

Max. Input Level

-  + 24 dBu, Pad Activated

Output Impedance

-  600 Ohms

Max. Output Level

-  + 26 dBu

Input Attenuator

-   - 20 dB (Switchable)

Fredenstein Artistic Mic Pre 500 Series

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