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The Artistic microphone preamplifier is the first member of the Fredenstein Value Line of 500 series compatible products. The Artistic Pre SE features top of the line performance at a very affordable price. Key component to achieve this performance level is our fully discrete gain stage and DI input. As all Fredenstein products, it is not a copy of an older design, but a completely new circuitry manufactured in SMT technology.


A 2M Ohms high impedance direct input is located on the front-panel, it accepts balanced and unbalanced signals, the rear microphone input is automatically disconnected when a plug is inserted in the DI connector.

The features include a maximum gain of 65 dB, a 20 dB Pad, switchable polarity, low-cut filter, and Phantom-Power support. Our new eight LED Peak-Meter with a 50 dB range gives the user a precise reading of the operating conditions.
As all Fredenstein products, the Artistic Pre is designed by a German-American team and manufactured in Taiwan.


The Features

500 Series module

Discrete operational amplifier OPA2

High impedance 2 MOhm instrument input

Switchable 48V phantom power

-20dB Pad

Low Cut at 120Hz

Gain control GAIN from 20dB to 65 dB

LED Display for output peak level (+20 dB) and signal

LED Display for output level (>-30 dB)

LED Display for colour function

POL switch to invert the phase

Fredenstein Artistic MicPre SE 500 Series Module

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