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The Fredenstein Bento 2 Pure Analog 500 Series Power Supply is a high performance two slot module carrier for Fredenstein Series 500 modules or API-500 compatible plug-in cards.


The Features

2-slot 500 Series rack with clean power topology

High power: outputs ±6V DC 2A and +48V DC 0.25A, 500mA per slot

Extensive mains transformer shielding to eliminate induced hum

Constructed of the highest grade components

1.5mm (59 mil) steel chassis

Toroidal mains transformer with two built-in thermal fuses

High-quality Eichicon electrolytic capacitors

Modules can be daisy-chained by simply flipping switches on the back-panel

Compressor modules can be linked by engaging switches on the rear panel

- Available in both 120V and 240V

- Maximum output currents: +-16V DC 0.75A and +48V DC 250mA.

LEDs indicate the power-supply status on the front-panel

Ground-lift switch

- Additional DC output connector to support a Bento 2 Extension

Fredenstein Bento 2 - Pure Analog 500 Series Power Supply

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