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The Fredenstein F610 Universal Entzerrer UE-1 is a digital controlled stereo analog quad band equalizer and 30 band spectrum analyzer in a double wide 500 series cassette.


For the first time in a 500 series module, we were able to implement a high resolution 3.5” LCD color display including a capacitive touch controller, thus welcoming the 500 Series to the 21st century.

The four filters are all identical and each can be tuned from 20 Hz to 20 KHz. The encoder rotary frequency knob allows access to about 190 different frequencies per filter, while the USB interface allows for 1 Hz frequency resolution. The maximum filter gain is +/- 16 dB. In case more gain is needed, additional filters can be set at the same frequency for a ridiculous up to 64 dB boost or cut. The Q-factor of each filter can be varied from 0.4 to 7.9. The gain can be adjusted from -16 dB to +16 dB in 0.25 dB steps, clearly fulfilling the demands of modern sophisticated mastering. The Filter 1 characteristic can be changed from band-pass to low-shelf and Filter 4 to high-shelf.


In addition, a variable 2nd order low-cut filter with a range from 20 Hz to 975 Hz is provided as well as a “Color” function giving a tube-like sound. The hard bypass allows for quick evaluation of the eq'ed results.


The 30-band spectrum analyzer features a 60 dB dynamic range with select-able sensitivity from +6 dBu to + 24 dBu in 6 dB steps. The choice to feed either the input or the output signal to the analyzer adds to the versatility of the F610.
Up to 99 complete settings can be stored in the internal non-volatile memory and a Micro-USB interface provides complete control from a connected host computer via RS232 over USB.


The F610 UE-1 name is an homage to the classic K&H UE-100. “Entzerrer” is the German technical term for equalizer.


The Features

4-band EQ with variable Q

High-resolution 3.5" color LCD capacitive touch-controller display

30-band spectrum analyzer

Each band features ±16dB of gain and a variable-Q range of 0.4 to 7.9

Filters 1 and 4 may be switched from bandpass to low shelving and high shelving, respectively

Variable 2nd-order highpass filter with a range of 20Hz–600Hz

Color function imparts tubelike vintage flavoring

Hard bypass allows for quick comparison of dry and equalized signals

Fredenstein F610 Universal Entzerrer UE-1

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