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The Gator Case GP-PC1208 12 x 8" Classic Tom Drum Case provides a safe, secure and stylish way to protect and transport your drum. This industry standard case has been designed under close manufacturing scrutiny to produce protection that is strong, reliable and water-resistant.


For any musician, protecting your instrument is critical - and if you've ever played in a band, you know that roadies and car trunks can be rough on gear. Loading and unloading under various climatic conditions puts your gear through stress - rain, wind and snow. However, when it's time to play, you want to know that your gear has made it to the gig in one piece and is ready to go. Gator Classic Tom Cases are made with the needs of the musician in mind.


The Classic Tom Drum Case is produced through a process called rotational molding - a 3-stage heating process that results in evenness all around the edges of the case. The polyethylene material is inserted into a mold, and then gradually rotated until the material sticks to the edges of the mold in an even pattern. Once cooled, this plastic material forms a strong bond that minimizes sagging and potential collapse. This case is manufactured to such high standards that it comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects.


The Features

Durable latch strap keeps the case closed

Padded handle with metal reinforcement makes for comfortable transport

Rotational molding guarantees even thickness throughout the case


Exterior Dimensions

Length 14.00"

Width 14.00"

Height 10.00"

Weight 5.50 lbs

Gator GP-PC1208 12″ X 8″ Classic Series Tom Case

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