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Intended for electric bass, the Hartke HD508 is a combo amplifier capable of delivering 500W RMS of Class-D power. Its 4x8" cabinet houses HyDrive speakers that boast neodymium magnets as well as a half aluminum, half paper hybrid cone design to deliver a distinctive blend of warmth and attack.


After connecting your instrument to its 1/4" jack, you can manipulate the signal with bass, midrange, and treble controls. Hartke has also provided a shape selector and variable-shape filter, which activates a preset EQ curve tuned by the company to give you bass-friendly peaks and cuts across the frequency range.


The HD508 sports a 1/4" headphone output that mutes the amplifier, and thus, enables you to practice silently through headphones. A 3.5mm line-level aux input allows you to plug in CD players, MP3 players, or any compatible playback device, giving you the opportunity to practice along with a background track of your choice. Should you want to route sound directly to the house PA or a recording interface, an XLR DI output is on hand. This amplifier is suitable for use in rehearsal spaces, recording studios, and performance venues. Weighting just over 49 lb, it's eminently portable to boot.

Hartke HD508 500W 4x8 Bass Combo Amplifier

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